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  1. hey guys, first time grower here, just trying to get things right so i don't get angry in a month when nothing works. i have been researching for a while and many sources have said to not use MG soil, i also heard that scotts=MG, in addition i also read somewhere that it was ok aslong as it was "organic" . the soil i purchased on the back it claims "this product is regionally formulated from organic materials..." which leads me to believe it is alright, however on the front it also claims to support "continuous feeding for up to 4 full months"

    here is a pic of it,
    if someone with exp could please help me out here it would be greatly appreciated,

    also im using "full spectrum" philips lights, is that a wise choice for about 6 plants? (im doing 6 because i expect 4 will fail)

  2. "feeds up to 4 months" means it's got nutes in the soil already. This is one of the things people don't like about the MG soil.

    You can't control the nutes if they are already in there, and it's harder to adjust to the health of the plant.

    there used to be some threads on this... search mg soil

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