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  1. Hey guys, new grower gonna start in about a week or two.

    Was wondering what's the best soil to get for starting stages and also nutrients when it grows a little older

    Thank you

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  2. Bump lol

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  3. This is all matter of opinion. I notice a lot of people using fox farm. For seedlings or transplanting you can start with light warrior it's a soilless mix some people mix that with ocean forest so it's not so harsh at first. I used dr earth for this grow and my plants loved it.

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  4. Ive always used FoxFarm Ocean Forest from start to finish with no issues. I just started using Potters Gold and love it as well. The PG has all sorts of mychorizea on top of all the same shit as the OF. I have def noticed an increase in root mass since using the PG, so I will stick with it for now but I love the OF as well :)
    If youre not going to make your own mix for soil then it is best to get high grade soil from a hydro store. They just dont sell shit with peat, worm castings, guano, perlite and all the other good stuff in regular plant stores. The stuff from Walmart, imo, could be good with the right additives. Cheaper for me to buy a big ass bag from the hydro store for $16

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