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Soil vs. hydro side by side comparision.

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Mr.Tangent, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. pic below is a bunch of clones in promix hp and the one far in the back is in a bubble bucket....and is noticabley larger.

    the soil clones were actually transplanted before i did my hydro bucket and i have been feeding the soil clones a nuterient ppm of 800-900 and the bucket in the back is only at 350ppm.....saving me nutrients too.....

    For all considering HYDRO, make the change growth is faster and can be somewhat maintainence free....

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  2. dont you think its a bit early to be drawing that conclusion?

    im eager to see what the comparisons are between them when theyre ready to crop.
  3. Flushing reservoirs weekly is hardly maintenance free, but I have found growing in water to be less of a headache. Not dealing with soil is a BIG relief for me, I merely have to take my girls to the bathtub instead of dragging 50 lbs of soil in the house.

  4. well i still understand it's not maintainence free, but topping up nutrients or changing the bucket once a week is still way less work that watering plants every 3 days or so...
    And when flushing in hydro instead of flushing 2-3 time the amont of water through the soilyou simply empty the bucket and fill it with water....this is way less of a hassle.....
  5. You don't need to change the water that much.
    Just as long as the PH and PPM or EC is stable.
    Just top off with water and nutes mixed.
    And yes BB's are the shizznit!:smoke:
  6. myself i think dirt is more forgiving, but makes more mess, hydro is cleaner in my opinion
  7. flushing every week???? Jeebus - that would work out very expensive, annoying and time consuming!

    Man, I flush when I change from veg to bloom and two weeks at then end and then another flush one week from the end

    not every week - that's crazy!
  8. Just the opposite,when you mess up with soil your just about done.With Hydro,you just flush and start over with new solution:D.
    I'm a new Hydro convert and will grow most of my crops that way.:smoking:

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