soil vs. hydro... do ether make the plant more potent

Discussion in 'General' started by street90, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. do growing weed hydroponicly make the weed more potent?

    and is that why dro is called dro? cause it is grown hydroponicly?

    and is it better regy cause the regy is grown hydroponicly??

    ore is the strain everything?
  2. Doesn't effect potency.

    Hydro, is grown hydroponically. Most of the time indoors, and well cared for, so it's usually good weed.
    Some people use the term "dro" to refer to any good weed, (even if it's not grown hydroponically).
    It's no big deal that they're technically wrong, as long as the weed is good.

    Regular weed sucks for alot of reasons. It's like old lettuce. It's been squished and stored and shipped and packaged and in the process stripped of it's delicious crystals and most of it's orange hairs. It may have been grown outdoors and allowed to be pollinated and grow seeds. That would effect potency alot. It may have been harvested early, or dried too fast, or not cured at all. But if you took the same seeds, and grew a plant out of it, and took good care of it, in either hydro or soil, you could most likely grow better stuff than the bag it came out of.
  3. ok cool thanks lol
  4. It depends. Hydro weed tends to be harsher then soil grown. Idk just something I heard.

  5. Where'd you hear that? Why did they say it was harsher?
  6. You done heard wrong!

  7. I'm pretty sure that's wrong. Maybe some weed isn't flushed as well as others, or cured as well as others so one might be harsher than another, but I don't think that the medium has anything to do with that.
  8. Pretty much. Many people say that soil grown bud tastes better, but I haven't smoked enough of it to really tell a difference.
  9. Only difference between soil and hydro is the amount of grams per square inch that you get or some shit like that. You get around .3-.4 more grams per square inch with hydroponic setups.

    Potency depends on the strain, time of harvest, and how well the bud is cared for/handled.

    Harshness just depends on if it's cured right and if the grower decided to flush before harvesting.
  10. Must be an echo in here

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