Soil questions and concerns.

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  1. This is my first grow and I have a dozen sprouts in red solo cups right now and their getting larger. So I'm starting to think of my soil options. Currently my sprouts are in 50% soil builder (Bumper Crop) and dirst which I had taken from under an old rotten log.

    I was thinking about buying more Bumper Crop that and just doing 50/50 again or
    I have a friend who can hook me up with soil dark ideal mushroom top soil for free.

    So I turn to you GC, Which option you think i best? Also if u have any other options, please say. Keeping in mind i'm limited on money and willing to do different mixtures with different plants to learn for the future.
  2. yo, i am no pro, but you can buy 5 cubic ft bags of peat moss (for 12 plants you would need 2 bags), and if you were to use a mixture of 30 percent this, 40 percent of that top soil you said you get free. Go to home depot and get some perlite for like 8 bucks, put some of that shit in, and use some native soil. get some bone meal / blood meal. also at home depot. Im broke as hell and afforded it so no excuses :cool:
  3. Werd man really adpreciate your 2 cents on the matter. Thanks... this will help very much.
  4. go buy a bag of pro mix or sunshine mix # 4. the big ones are like 30 bucks. Its fuck all. Do some work earn some cash and buy the shit you need and do it properly.

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