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  1. hey was up board I gotta a tricky one today I planted 5 seeds with the soil halfway so I can addmore soil later on I successfully manuevered all 5 but then I noticed one has not been growing at all so I checked its stem and it was broken so my real question is can I reuse the soil I took out all the roots and shit and I am currently germinating my feminized WWxBigBud oh yeah:D so whats the dillio help a brutha out lol
  2. reuse the soil that the plant with the broken stem was in? i don't see why not. the only time you don't want to reuse a soil is after aplant has been growing in it a long time... one reason is that the soil could have an off ph because of fertlizers used... also it might have little nutrients in it if a plant has already grown in a small pot for a few months.
  3. yeah its only been in there no more than a week -3 days so about 4 days total so yeah thats what im bout to do thx also I plan on turning my 400 watter you think I should wait a week for my seedling to catch up or turn it on ASAp on saturday:smoke:
  4. do you have any fluorescent lights on it? if not i'd suggest putting it outside in a shady area.. or indirect sun light area for a few days before moving under the hps. but if you want to just put the hps light now atleast make sure you don't have it too close to the plant. they're pretty delicate when that young and you don't wanna burn them.
  5. (wow you guys deleted record of that guy so goddamn fast.....great work staff :gc_rocks: )
  6. say what? i'm guessing ^ he accidentally posted in the wrong thread.
  7. no sir, there WAS a post right above mine by a certain member(i swear i am not just stoned, i know someone that can back me up here)
  8. chanches are I am gonna take my 60 watt out my grow room then wait for second set of leaves to come in 4 to 5 days then put it in under the 400 watter;)

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