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  1. I have my seeds and im ready to start the germination process.

    I want to know what type of soil i shud be placing them in though.

    *To germinate im going to soak in water for 24hrs, then put in a cup soil/water with plastic wrap around it, greenhouse effect*

    This is my first grow, and i have some Scotts Turf Builder already laying around my house and some Weed And Feed and a bottle of Dynamite, it says timed release up to 6 months so im assuming thats no good.

    What type of soil should i be looking for can someone tell me a brand name or something like that please.

    Thank You
  2. dont have time release soils, get natural soils and add perlite, youll have to buy nutes weither its time release or not.

    time release can over nute plants which commonly have the same symptoms as a nute def so you may add more nutes thinking it needs them and youll kill the plant without hope of recovery.
  3. I buy "Sta-Green Vegetable and Flower Planting Mix" from Lowes. It's cheap, about 4 bucks for a big ass bag of it. The nutrient content is lower than Miricle Grow and stuff like that so it doesn't burn seedlings.

    It has enough food for the plants for a month. So I water with plain distilled water 200ml a day or so for a month and then switch to a low nutrient solution mix and plain water every other day alternating.

    You can go to a local hardware or garden store and look at the nutrients in them on the back of the bags. Soil that has high percentages of elements are more likely to burn seedlings.

    You run the risk of pests with cheap soil, but you can prevent stuff like that.
  4. Okaaay, im leaving for home depot / lowes in a few minutes and grabbing a bag of Sta-green :)

    And im gunna go ahead and start a grow journal.
  5. Cool man, I'm not sure if Home Depot has Sta-Green. I'm sure they have something similar though.

    Good luck dude!
  6. Go DRO.
    Your stuff will come out alot more potent and natural and no nasty soil bugs that eat away the embrio and roots.:D
  7. I'm not sure where you got that from......quite untrue though.

    Hydro is faster by two to three weeks. That's about it. I've had bomb ass soil and hydro. I'm actually growing in soil and hydroponics right now.

    There are a few people on this site that would go round for round with their soil buds against anyone's hydro buds.
  8. that made me lol.

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