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    Goodmorning GC, woke up a bit early today, went to check on my girls in the grow room and everything is looking great, a month and 2 weeks of veg is finally over and 12/12 will start tonight, but on to my actually question, the soil in my pots seem to be getting lower and lower, everytime i water it seems like the soil just completly dissapears, is this a normal thing, and is it okay to add new soil to the pots?, or do i just let the soil go the way its goin, sorry for sounding like a newb, but this is the first time i have tried gardening anything and i have no idea whats goin on with the soil lol.Sent from my C6506 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  2. not 100% but sounds like it is compacted. no prblems, you want to transplant I believe (I grow dwc but know a lil about soil) before inducing flowering. this is so you don't transplant after flowering has begun and risk shocking
  3. Your soil is slowly being compacted by watering and some of this is normal. If your soil level has gone down severely, this means you did not pot properly. This is a common mistake with new and old that have little experience with repotting.
    To avoid this in the future, A short potting lesson.
                                              When you pot a plant fill the pot with soil untill it is overflowing. While holding the plant steady in the middle in the pot, shake the pot vigorously untill the soil is even with the pot. Then, take the pot, sit it on the floor and bounce or tap the bottom of the pot fairly vigorously on the hard floor. This will "settle" the soil "without packing it" as long as you have enough perlite in the soil. At this point your soil will be about an inch below the rim of the pot. When you water the first time the soil will settle another inch or so depending on the size of your pot. With the first watering you will have to fill the "well" ( thats the space between the top of the soil and the top of the pot) no less than twice and probrobly three times to saturate and settle the soil. The soil will continue to settle with more waterings but not much. With this method you get maximum amount of soil in your pot making your pot more efficient and your plant very happy.
    At this point you have three choices; (1) repot to slightly larger pot (before going into flowering)
                                                               (2) Top dress with new soil, bringing the soil level up to where you like.
                                                               (3) Bottom dress the pot with more new soil. ( Taking plant out of pot, puting new soil in the bottom, raising plant up where you would like it to be.
     I would probrobly topdress, since your ready to flower tonight.
  4. Thanks tdf great info there, I think i will definitely top dress with some new soil, sounds like the best route to go right now

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