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  1. So I have a question about soil pH. So my soil PH got up around 7 which obviously is way too alkaline and is locking out nutrients. Now I have taken the steps to correct it. But my question is should I go back to feeding the way I was or should I just slowly introduce it again?
  2. Hey there. Why the pH amendment? Are your plants showing signs of stress? Nutrition deficiency? Pics help those trying to help you.
    Soil pH pails in comparison to pH of the water you are giving your garden. Hit 6.0 everytime, whether it's a reg watering or heavy feeding. Hit 6.0. do not amend soil pH while girls are there, they have become acclimated to your specific soil including pH, stress will hurt them even stress of amending back to desired parameters. The time for amendments was before you planted. Spend next fall and winter dialing your soil in and the ladies will reward your efforts.
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  3. Nope. Neutral for soil is 7.0. Do you know the proper way to test your soil pH? I read up on how to do it several years ago, but I never do. I've found that if you keep the water/feed solutions you give in the right pH range, the soil doesn't matter too much. But neutral for soil is 7.0 so you're good.
  4. Thanks for the replies I appreciate it. Not really sure how to post pics on this pretty new. Haven't added any amendments to soil just giving plain water for the last two or three waterings. My water and nutes pH has always been between 6 and 6.5 nothing higher nothing lower. They look great about 2 weeks ago now they just seem to be slowly yellowing. Suppose I could up the nitrogen along with maybe the micros but that worries me to just give more nutes to try to solve the problem. It's just I've been feeding on a strict schedule I'm using Earth Juice nuyes. 20170810_060747.jpg 20170810_060747.jpg
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  5. You want your soil ph to be 6.4 - 6.8. Has to do with Ca levels and balance of nutrients.

    Your plants need food. Feed em, this is the time of year they need it.
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  6. Thanks a lot I appreciate the info. That's sort of what I figured but I always worry that it could be something else and then if I start feeding more and more than that just sort of enhances the problem. But anyways thank you very much for the input
  7. You didn't mention if your ladies were flowering yet? Inner to outer yellowing is normal nitrogen migration. Bottom yellowing is nitrogen deficiency. Every strain is different and then there are many phenotypes in every seed batch.
  8. Not quite yet but I'd say probably in another week they'll be starting I think like the other guy say excuse me I forgot his name they just need to be fed a little heavier I was only feeding them maybe once every 10 days and a pretty low dose
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  9. I looked at the thumbs and they look pretty healthy to me. Sure a bit heavier on the nutes.
  10. Thank you... Almost had to correct that pH nonsense myself.. 6.4-6.8 for soil is correct, I usually prefer 6.8.
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  11. If you are using a good soil it doesn't really matter so long as you stay between 6-7 the soil should buffer it if it's good... I personally stay between 6.0-6.3

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  12. Well actually your soil should start out like 6.8 - 7.0 and slowly work down to your ph'd water after a few weeks.
  13. Well....... William Albrect, one of the best soil scientist says 6.8. Same with Tiejens. Same with Reams...............

    (didn't even bother to look up spelling, hate spelling names)
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  14. Yeah I mean all the stuff I've read if it's at 7 you pretty much locking stuff out iron nitrogen other micro macro nutrients but I appreciate all the advice!
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  15. The soil ph doesn't stay at 6.8 for very long. Fist couple of waterings and the soil ph has moved down to your ph'd water's ph level.
  16. I've always heard the opposite eh I've personally heard start off at around 6.0 and work up to around 6.3 in flower... in the end none of us are wrong so long as our plants are growing fine... lol nobody can tell me I can't ph to 6.0 or else my plants will die... I'll just laugh at them because my plants have been doing great with a lower ph... and there are others who grow in 7.0 ph and they grow just fine... most hydro growers grow in 5.8 and have great success.... then you have the complete other half of soil growers that don't even ph their water with great success... but anyhow there are plenty of good buffers if you are growing in proper soil imo and very well may never have a ph problem if it's not to drastic.

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