soil ph is at 7.1 and have a question

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Quader, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Last night watered my plants (4 plants) and used the run off from the pots to test the ph from the water to see where my soil ph might be at (have digital Hanna ph pen) and the reading was 7.1. Now I test my water before watering and always try to put it at 6.3 ph( only Superthrive was in the water and a very like dose of it to,half drop or so) so my question is to get the soil ph down is to water next time with a lower ph water like 5.8-6.0ph, is this correct? Asking because my plants dont look good today, all the leaves are droopy and dry to the touch, even look a little wrinkly dont know what the F@#K, my soil was dry before I watered I mean my moisture meter was between 2-3 which is in the dry range, but my plants weren't droopy before I watered but they were dry! Before I watered it was like exactly 7 days was the last watering so it takes a week before the soil dry's. Have 380 watts of floros (CFL's) in a 45 gallon Rubbermaid bin each plant has there own 45-65 watts to them selves, computer fan for exhaust and 2 more smaller ones for intake, Temps and Humidity have been all over the place like from 60- 90 degrees to 30%- 75% Humidity. I had some slow growth and then it stops then it grows again, Ive been doing LST with the tying and all so maybe that's the deal but need some input on the soil ph for now. Thanks again City people
  2. HIGH All, welcome to The City Quader....your pH is Almost good...but if you want to lower it...

    "Quoted" from MynameStitch "Guide To Sick Plants,pH and Pest Troubles"

    Blood Meal, Dried Blood, Guanos, Kelp Meal, Cotton Seed Meal, Peat Moss, Sulfur and fish meal are all acidic and can bring your ph down, so if you add these please monitor your ph when using those.
  3. Thanks "unoit" Iam using Black Gold all-purpose organic soil from Vancouver, just trying to figure out why the leaves feel dry to the touch and some slow growth occurring, oh well gonna just ride it out,it's just they were so healthy looking and now, well I will try to post some pic's. Should I water with ph alot lower then 6.3-6.5 because that's what it is when watered plain water and nutes, my soil ph from the drainage was at 7.1 on my digital meter.

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