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  1. I was wondering if someone could help me out with a soil ph question.

    So, last time I watered with ph7 water the runoff of the soil was at like 6.0, so I watered again with ph 7.6 and got the soil up to 6.4 which was good.
    Now, this time I water, would I need to water at 7.6 again? Or lower because the soil should still be at 6.4....
    I guess I'm just wondering if the soil ph decreases over time back to 6.0

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  2. Plants excrete acids called exudates which bring the soil pH down naturally but also the chemical composition will dictate where your soil stands based on the carbonates neutralizing over time and driving that pH up.
    If your soil is still moist, I would assume it is not getting all the way back to 6.0
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  3. Thanks for the info man

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  4. Water it with 6.0
  5. Why would I do that, I would be bringing the soil ph below the optimum range

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  6. Optimal range it between 6.0 to 6.5 I have always watered with 6.0 with no Ill effects and have never had any nutrient problems just a suggestion. If your using good soil you shouldn't have any ph problems like I said water it with 6.0 water and stay with it it'll be fine.
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  7. Thanks bud

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