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Soil mixture for outdoor?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by RhinoHumpenPand, May 1, 2013.

  1. im in texas where it gets pretty hot, and im planning on growing 5-10 seeds. A lot of people tell me use pure fox farm soil, but would go cost me easily in the hundredS in im needing to fill multiple 2x2x2-3x3x3 holes full of straight fox farm soil? or should i just mix the soil thats already there with fox? im not really sure what to do. I called a supplier of the stuff and she said a bag of it normally goes for around (i think) $24, and she said it would take around 9 bags to fill up just one hole. Thats a crazy amount of cash for one plant, maybe im misinterpreting something tho, any advice? thanks a lot
  2. I'm going to tell you the opposite of others. Do not use fox farm or other bagged dirt. Go locate a bulk organic soil company. Buy it by the yard and amend it as necessary. It will be the cheapest option and the best soil.

    A bag of fox farm is not 24 bucks a bag... Here I can get individual bags for 7.25 and palates for cheaper.

  3. damn, id be gettin ripped off then lol do your plants normally turn out great? i want to get a lot of the good soil mixtures, but i really dont want to go overboard because this is just my first grow and if i screw something up then... well thatll suck lol
  4. Depends on location. I get big bags for 12 bucks, small bags for 5. But he's not in cali/oregon. You are cheaper to just make your own soil though
  5. My biggest mistake was not going over board my first grow. I spent 180 on the dirt, 300 on the plants and probably 600 on gas. If I could do it over I would have added organic goodies to the soil and dug bigger holes. You will love the reward if you just do it right. I spent several months wondering what if, and waiting for another chance.
  6. ill probably be mixing pro mix hp, worm castings, kelp meal, bone meal, lime, bat guano grow, perlite, mulch. I think thatl turn out pretty good
  7. You can jus use the native soil and call it a day....you've got good amendments and provided that you don't have that predominantly clayey soil I don't C why you shouldn't do well
  8. How is growing 5-10 seeds outdoor gonna cost you over $100 dollars?
  9. you'd be surprised
  10. My 5 plants last year cost me 200, and that was pretty half assed.
  11. You clearly don't have any idea.

    You think 100 bucks is bad?
    My ~40 plants cost me so much money...not hundreds. In the thousands to get everything set up the first season. For example, one of my pots takes 2 yards of dirt to fill. The soil I use goes for about 300 per 2 yards. It is well amended but, I still add a bunch of stuff after.
    Dirt is only one investment. There is a bunch of other stuff you need to purchase and build if you want a top quality garden.
    Ofcourse, every year after the first season you will just need to spend a few bucks on amendments to touch up the dirt a bit.
  12. the shit i bought today which lowes says is what they sell instead of promix (and they said it was the same thing) is like... mulchy... it even says its made from some kind of tree, its straight bark. so im probly gunna take it back and do what you said socaltoker. So i should just go look for a shitload of organic soil somewhere? ive got perlite/bat guano/worm casting/bone and blood meal/lime/peat moss that im gunna mix in with it
  13. Why not just make your own base and add to that? Compost/ewc, peat moss, perlite. Then add in dry ferts and rock dust. You can take it further by adding in some epsom salts, chicken poop etc. Cheaper then trying to buy already pre made organic soils, and you already have everything needed to build your own base soil.

  14. ive decided to do that lol thanks
  15. is it alright to get compost with mostly leaves in it? i think he said all the products in it were stuff like that, not really in manure in it
  16. ye that's cool
  17. do i just dig the holes, then mix the soil 50/50 native with compost then add amends? because i was readin this How Do I Prepare my Outdoor Plot? and the guy says "I then return about one third of the soil from the tarp back into the hole. Then the remaining soil is mixing in with some soil conditioners, depending on how fertile the original soil is and what I feel the soil needs." so the bottom third of my hole is just the same soil that i took out, and then two thirds is the mixed up soil?
  18. if it were me I would mix the soil compost and other fertilizers into one and refill the hole with that

  19. thanks your for your reply bro (if your a guy lol), i been worrying about that all day lol will do!

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