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    Hi everyone!

    This thread is for your Soil mixes that require NO NUTES during the grow cycle. ALL your nutrients (also called "amendments") are added to the soil when you mix it up and put your plants in it.

    Here is one formula:

    Check out this FoxFarm mix, it will also take you from start to finish with ONLY tap water, no extra nutes:

    - half Bail Pro-mix BX
    - 1 bag FoxFarms Ocean Forest
    - 1 cup dolomite lime
    - 1 cup blood meal
    - 1 cup bone meal
    - 10-20% extra perlite

    This will last you 3-4 month growth cycle from veg through flower requiring Tap Water ONLY - No extra nutrients.
  2. 1 bag ocean forest
    1 bag happy frog
    1 bag Bcuzz coco
    1 1/4 Cup Bone meal
    1 1/4 Cup Blood meal
    3/4 Cup Lime
    4 Cups Earthworm castings
    1/2 bag of extra chunly perlite

    Add water only, use a PK booster twice (preferably Organic, google is your friend), done.
  3. Here is what i am using for MY grow:

    - 1 bag pro-mix for containers
    - 1 bag miracle grow organic choice - Garden Soil (it's ok that it says "not for containers")
    - 1 cup blood meal
    - 1 cup bone meal
    - 1/2 cup dolomite lime
    - +20% chunky or coarse perlite

    * This mix is enough to fill 10, 3 gallon bags.

    This mix requires WATER ONLY from start to finish, no extra nutes.
  4. - 1 Bag FoxFarm Ocean Forest
    - 1/4 Bag FoxFarm Light Warrior
    - 5 Cups Vermiculite
    - 10 Cups Perlite
    - 4 Cups worm castings

    - All organic - Water only from start to finish.
  5. - 1 bag of plant magic plus soil
    - 1 bag of plagron batmix
    - 1 cup of calcified seaweed (or dolomite lime)
    - 1 cup of blood meal
    - 1 cup of bone meal
    - 20-30% chunky perlite

    *** This is a hot mix for weaker strains. If you have a hardy strain it is perfect. To play it safe you can reduce the blood and bone meal to 3/4 cups.
  6. - 3 parts peat
    - 2 parts topsoil
    - 2 parts coco
    - 3 parts perlite
    - 1 part mushroom compost
    - 1 part wormcasts

    - Dolomite lime 5g/litre
    - N guano - 4g/litre
    - P guano - 4g/litre veg, 8g/litre flower
    - Rock phosphate 5g/l
    - rock potash 5g/l
    - seaweed meal 5g/l

    *** the bat guano amounts change a little with strain. for instance the Blueberry has less N guano in the mix - but that standard mix works for pretty much everything.

    *** Feeding nutes is not necessary, but late in flowering *sometimes* a a boost like BioBizz Bloom could be used depending on the strain.
  7. - Half a bail of promix
    - 2 bags of Miracle grow Organic Choice Garden Soil
    - Half a bag of Worm Castings
    - 20% perlite
    - 1 cup bone meal
    - 1 cup blood meal
    - 3/4 cup powdered dolo lime (pellets ground in coffee grinder)
    - 1/2 cup guano

    - Water only from start to finish, no nutes
  8. The mix I am using is simple. 1 3.8 cf bag of pro mix, 1 2cf bag of miracle grow organic, 1/4 bag of foxfarm ocean forest, 1 cup blood meal 1 cup bone meal 3/4 cup dolomite lime, and 1&1/2 cups of kelp meal. 20% chunky perlite!

    - 1, 3.8cf Bag of Pro-mix
    - 1, 2cf bag of Miracle Grow Organic Choice Garden Soil
    - 1/4 bag of FoxFarm Ocean Forest
    - 1 Cup blood meal
    - 1 Cup bone meal
    - 3/4 Cup dolomite lime
    - 1 1/2 Cups Kelp Meal
    - 20% Chunky Perlite

    - Water Only from start to finish
  9. Some notes.

    All references to LIME refers to powdered Dolomite Lime, not pellitized. You cannot use "hydrated Lime" either.

    Lime is a micro-nutrient and a PH Balancer.
  10. Also. These mixes are not for seedlings or 1 week old plants. Your plants need to grow until they require nutrients, usually around 14-20 days or so depending on the strain, and then you transplant them to the soil mix.

    These mixes are too hot for seedlings and newborns.
  11. Nice recipes.

    Thanks for posting!
  12. One part Gardner & Bloom fortified potting soil
    One part perlite
    One part peat moss
    One part decomposed cow manure

    I formerly added dolomite lime as a matter of procedure to my soil mixes. At the advice of a poster on this forum I checked a test batch runoff pH before adding lime and it was as I recall 6.6. I no longer add lime as the high cow manure pH offsets low peat moss pH and the potting soil is already balanced by dolomite lime.

    I don't add anything but water but I have used an AACT tea for vegetation and plan to do the same for flowering. I'll watch flowering closely for any deficiencies and, if necessary, use another brewed tea for supplementation.
  13. has anyone finished a successful grow with this? Any completed grow journals? I'm interested in using the same mix your using Stoned Chick
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  14. also is there any cons to doing this rather then feeding the plants nutes the regular way?
  15. Well, there are some cons. You have to be careful to not over water or you can wash your nutes out of the soil and cause excess nute release as well.

    Some people prefer to have greater control over the flowering cycle, adding bloom boosters and all sorts of extra's that are out there to try to increase quality/yield.

    This is really about growing the easiest way possible with the least amount of worry.

    I'll send you a link in PM so you can follow a grow that used my mix. As well as some other sources to straight soil + amendment + water only growing.
  16. i would like to see that link too if its not a problem....i as well am interested in a least complications = best possible yield in the time allowed type grow schedule.
  17. Here is a good one from Jbyrd:

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  18. Thanx for the recipes, you stoned chick, you.
    Great to have.
    +rep for you.

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  19. - 1.5 cu ft. bag of Sunshine Organic Growers Mix
    - .5 cu ft. mix of Worm castings, mushroom compost and leaf compost.
    - .5 - 1 cu ft. Permatil. (expanded slate)(You could use perlite or pumice here)

    Mix together and then to that add:

    -1 gallon Rock Phosphate
    -1 bag of Greensand
    -1 cup Kelp meal
    -3/4 cup each of Alfalfa meal, Bone meal, Cottonseed meal
    -2 tbls. each ground flaxseed, unsalted sunflower seed, hulled hemp seed
    -2 tbls. Myco Fungai

    You could add some dolomite lime, azomite and/or epsom salts also.

    Water only except for an AACT at the beginning of each growth stage and weekly waterings of a fish/seaweed mix.
  20. What does the flaxseed, unsalted sunflower seed, and hulled hemp seed do in this recipe?
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