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soil mix.???

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by jones, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. need a decent soil mix for outdoors....
    i have available localy. at the big box stores
    manure compost...
    organic potting soil..... not MG
    blood and bone meal....
    dynomite lime..

    I"am thinking
    50% potting soil
    12.5% peatmoss
    12.5% perlite
    10 cups each of blood and bone
    10 cups of lime
    let it sit for 30 days?

    makeing about 80 gallons of soil does this sound correct?
    or if you have something better
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    That sounds OK to me

    Add a little water to the soil mix and let it sit for 30 days!!

  3. What up Jones:smoke:

    If you can get pumice instead of perlite without breaking your bank you may want to think about it. It weighs less than pumice so it costs less to ship, which is why it's cheaper but perlite tends to have high levels of natural fluoride, which end up leaching into the soil over time. Usually not too big of a concern for us with short cycle crops but it's something to think about, especially if you've seen plants with fluoride poisoning...yikes:eek:

    Other wise your mix look like a good start, don't forget some kind of kelp and alfalfa products-pretty much standard around here; and I'd grab some minerals and crustacean/oyster shell meals if can get 'em. A complete, diverse soil will contain all the necessary macro and trace nutrients and require nothing more than h2o and some teas every few weeks.

    ps- that seems like a bit too much lime to me but I'll see if someone else knows for sure. i use gypsum here in sd due to all the clay in my yards and have never really used too much lime.

    Have fun and happy growing!!!:D
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    You can add some Lava sand and also Green sand for minerals, too. It's what I use
    10 Cups of either added to your mix sounds good

    Both are high in minerals and retain some moisture
    I add it to my compost and top-dress my lawn with it

    And here's the dry kelp meal I use

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    I"am sorry not lime i need gypsum..or somthgin to lower PH ....
    The local soil is sandy with clay, gray in color and solid... I"am planing on planting on the swamp edge.. the waters 7.3 ..
    should i cut my perlite in half?
    I"ll see about getting som kelp meal and alfaalfa meal..
    how much per gallon.? or per CuFt?

    Thanks I appreciate the help.:wave:

    Ya I"am gonna look for some green sand....

    and I"am gonna need to get a box of bat guano to make teas..

    Thanks guys any input or advise is appreciated..

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