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Soil is not drying - how to avoid under and over watering

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by greenops, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. I got a 2 plants ScrOG going at the moment. They've been flowering for a week now in 3 gallon pots.

    I noticed that even 7 days after watering, the soil isnt drying out as it should.
    Normally I would really wait til 2 inches of the top soil gets dry, but the growth rate drops significantly after 5 days of watering. The growth basically stops after 6 days. Thats why I water them again after 6 days although only an inch of the top soil gets dry, and the pot still feels a lil on the heavy side.
    Just after each watering the growth picks up again.
    The new growth always turns yellow in the middle but the color changes back to green after 4-5 days.

    I'm using Plagron Grow Mix (with perlite).
    Last time I watered with 6.4 pH, run off was 6.8 pH.


    1. It will prolly take 8 or more days if I wait til the pot feels light and 2 inch of top soil dries out.

    Do I have to wait that long, even if the growth rate drops just after 5 days?

    Just click the link in my sig, for pictures.

  2. hi greenops

    i believe your plants aren't drying out quickly because their roots havnt significantly grown enough yet. have you ever used any beneficial bacteria/fungi?

    MJ prefers to dry out more inbetween waterings, so you may want to wait an extra day or two to let it dry out a bit more.

    i also think the pH of your soil is a bit too high. next time you should try watering with 6.2, and maybe add some humic acid to your next nutrient solution.
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    thanks but im not so sure if its a good idea to wait 8 or more days because the growth virtually stops after 5 days of watering. it will put me weeks behind of schedule.
    i havent added anything but a weak dose of plagron grow nutes and some cannazyme.
  4. I agree with OSU.

    I have actually encountered a situation close to yours. I just transplanted one and put her out to flower. I watered her normally, the next day i saw her drooping. i lifted the pot because i knew there was no way she could have sucked up all of that water that fast. but knowing that if i watered her normally again she would be getting way too much and that wouldn't encourage deeper root growth. so what i did was just water at the base of the stem only enough to get her back up, but not so much that she gets "spoiled". i did that for a day or two, after that i havent watered for a few days before she needed more to drink.

    sorry for the long explanation. again, a little water at her base only. and let her spread. oh this is another thing i like to do. i say stuff like "stop being lazy bitch! there's water in there, go get it!" lmao
  5. Ok, I might give my lazy bitches less water next time..
  6. lol that's the attitude lol

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