Soil, Hydro, or Aero?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Bioman, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. OK, so let me start off by saying I've never grown cannabis before (hence, Absolute Beginners), but I have quite a bit of experience growing other plants both normally and hydroponically. My mother has always had a rather large outdoor garden (around 30x30) which I mostly took care of from the time I was 13, and I've done my own things with hydroponics for the last year before I moved out (mostly tomatoes and herbs). I'd really like to try aeroponics though, seems like fun.

    I'm looking to get 1.5-2oz of a mainly sativa strain every 2 months. At the moment I'm looking at Flo, Jack Herer, SAGE, Swazi Safari, or Swazi Skunk, though I'm very open to new suggestions. Maybe AK-47 but I don't want too many munchies (which I always seem to get after AK-47).

    Anyways, my question is, what's the smallest, cheapest build that can get me 1.5-2oz every two months with a mainly Sativa? It's gotta be indoors, and I hate having dirt indoors.
  2. I'd go with what you know. You know hydro growing and hate dirt in the house... so sick with hydro. Anything cannbis specific you'll just read up on and apply the rest of what you already know from experance.
  3. sounds like you answered your own question if you say you don't want dirt in the house. I personally think dirt is great in the house, but maybe that's because I've never had bug problems. Also, it's lower maintenace which is good for a new grower, and and pretty much fool proof to grow in it.
  4. AERO definateley. those cocolateley bubbles yum yum. im fucking starvin!
  5. Well, I don't really like dirt, but it really comes down to the highest yield per sq foot. If it's by soil, I'll deal with it. Same for hydro or aero.
  6. Hell Bro if all your looking to yield is a oz or two every couple months then go with a single bubble bucket or hydro farm type planter,and use a single 250 watt light.If you want to harvest every two months youl need a mother plant somewhere or access to clones as well.
  7. A wick type would be a great noob system, but if you already know hydroponics, there's no reason not to build something more sophisticated like an NFT or aero. In between the extremes would be a flood system. Easy maintenance, can't clog, plants don't die in power outages or from pump failures (as can happen in DWC/bubblers).
  8. my first grow was hydro- easiest thing ever. dont have to wory about transplaning into larger pots, type of soil to use, or over or under watering. Just check the ph and ppm every day or so and adjust the light or accomadate for new growth. Also if you are like me I could not wait to get home to see how much things had progressed and checking the ph and ppm satisified the urge to do something with the plants instead of over watering the plants( common mistake of new growers.) peace:smoke:

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