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  1. Hello im new to growing and i was wondering if anyone knows of a good cheap soil to buy readily available at any walmart since i live in bum fuck nowhere and my options are highly limited.
  2. try coco coir and perlite it looks like soil but is treated as hydro . good luck. GFP

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  3. Will that be ok for outdoors? Will i need to add nutes?
  4. Is black kow the same as black gold?
  5. yes with coco coir you'll have to add nutes GFP get good soil .in that case if you can't tend to them much.GFP

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  6. Gfp?
  7. Wally World has some inexpensive organic soils. The Miracle Grow/Scotts stuff isn't recommended because it has time released fertilizers that don't work very well with cannabis.
    If you have a Home Depot near you I would recommend Kellogs raised bed mix. If you can find it, mix in some coco coir and perlite. Equal parts of each. 1/3 Kellogs, 1/3 coco, 1/3 perlite. About 40 dollars total and you'll get about 6 cubic feet of very good planting mix.
  8. Thank you i will look into it. I have three 10 gallon fabric pots. And two small bags of fox farms ocean forest left. Can i mix the ffof with this blend?
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  9. How many bags do you think ill have to buy?
  10. The store in town doesnt have kellogs =/
  11. I would say probably 5 of the large bags. I would amend that store bought soil with, blood meal 3 cups or a bit more, bone meal, 2 cups or a bit more, worm castings, vermiculate - 2.5 gallons, and black cinders - 2.5 gallons.

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