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Soil Feeding??? PPM???

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by VicRattlehead, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. Ok so ive been doing okay so far..just wondering if im doing this right

    Soo i bought a Hanna EC/PH meter..or so it says EC meter. It has 3 different modes.. PPM, TDS, and PH... not EC. lol... I believe the conversion rate is .5.. I found a chart saying 400 PPM = .8EC (with my meter)

    I heard you want to feed at around (or no higher than) .8 EC.. So pretty much i just add nutrients to my osmosis water until im at like 350ish PPM when i feed... Do i have the right idea?

    Thanks :D:smoke:
  2. Heres the chart im getting my information from lol

  3. 350 is pretty low IMO. If you have the black Combo pH & EC meter from Hanna, it does give you the EC reading. When you press the set/hold button it will cycle between giving you a pH reading, PPM and EC ( expressed in micro Siemens).

    I usually feed my girls between 600-1000 PPM nutrient mix during veg. and 900 -1300 during flowering.
  4. Damn that seems high....you must mean on the "EC" mode?...

    From what ive seen the "EC" mode will say like 800 when PPM mode is at 400....its just doubled...

    So your saying i should use the TDS/EC or whatever mode...and bring it to at least 900 for flowering?
  5. idk man there is no mode that actually says "EC" theres PPM, TDS, and PH....

    When i press or hold mode, it just turns my meter off, to switch between modes i press the set/hold button. Designed by kindergardeners.
  6. i use ec..my conversion rate is x.7 so ec says 1000 is 700 ppm...during the third and fourth week i go as high as 2000 ppm with fantastic results..then i start backin' off each watering till final flush..now i use coco ..so take this into account...my deuce:smoke:
  7. yeah my conversion rate is .5 so i would assume that 500 PPM is equal to 1.0ec... or..1000 ec or whatever....ok man thanks. I guess ive been way under feeding them lol.. I was afraid to burn... Ill bump it up a little bit for the beginning of flowering..
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    do they look underfed?

    It really depends on a lot of things. How hot is your soil to begin with, how old and what size are your plants, how large is the container they're in, what strain are you running, how strong is your light... etc...

    If your plants look healthy I wouldn't just double your nute strength because that's what a chart says. In fact, there are many people running grows with water only, some through to mid flower, some all the way through. With my current soil mix, the highest I'll probably go with any nutrient water feeding is somewhere around 450-500ppm with a .7 conversion tds meter.

    edit: generally it's much better to underfeed than overfeed. I know a lot of people like to pump the nute levels as high as the plant can take but in my experience, there's a finer line when pushing the maximum than pushing the minimum.
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    :D Thanks for lookin out man, im not planning on doing that. I imagine its way easier to add nutes than it is to flush them out..especially with soil lol.. I started them at like 200 PPM and worked them up to 350-400 so far... My White Widows do seem a bit underfed tho

    I posted this because im about to start using Open Sesame/flowering nutes and it made the water super red at low PPMs haha, i was mainly making sure that i wasnt overfeeding...

    edit- just for the facts..lol
    600w HPS (MH for veg)
    41 days old (day 1 of 12/12 lol)
    18 inches or so tied down a bit at some spots..

    "there's a finer line when pushing the maximum than pushing the minimum" thanks for that piece of advice as well ;)
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    no dude....dont change a thing your doin:eek:'....your doin' it right....the ppm i was talking about was for plants during their greatest grow period that are well used to nutes.....start 1/4 reccod. dosage ....work your way up...then you will see what i'm talking about.....sorry if i was steerin' ya wrong there...not my intention:wave:plus i use coco...its a whole different ballgame:smoking:ps nice catch smoove...thanks for catchin that for me...good job
  11. Also being my first grow with 3 different strains from seed probably wasnt the best idea.. but its really showing me how different plants grow..differently :D

  12. lol no its cool man i know what your saying, and ive heard coco is like...kinda half hydro and half soil?...i heard the ph should be at hydro level and etc anyway.... idk what its deal is haha..

    You did lead me in the right direction man. Im just making sure im not gonna overfeed them even at 400 PPM, just cause of my red water haha...i might bump it up to 500-600 if they seem like theyre liking it :D. Thanks man

    i totally wanna go hydro next time...seems more straight forward and theres no soil to fuck with my numbers so much...? maybe im an idiot but theres just a lot of reasons i already like the idea of it...ill never know till i try... im thinkin bubble buckets :confused::smoking:

    edit- by their greatest grow period do you mean vegging?...or a few weeks into floweing
  13. they usually have a couple week period in flower just before flush when my buds just explode..more than doubling..when i see that happening..i go mega dose nutes..your right ..you can always add more..check out the coco forums..like dirt that acts like hydro..so easy and killa:hello:.......oh oh...i feeeeeel a bud pormn moment comin'


    ahhhh...thats better..they just come over me like a spasm....lmao...sorry guys:D
  14. thanks man. :D ill bumb them up even more once they explode on me haha

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