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  1. Its probably been done to death, but i reused my fox farms soil with good results, put in a few additives it worked....i been reading alot about soil, and additives so heres the best i can come up with, but i cant find quantities for each, and thats what i need help with....ill put it in line form to make it easier to fill in...thanks

    Base soil. Used fox farms 63 gallons.
    steamed bone meal
    organic worm castings
    bat guano
    blood meal
    rock phosphate
    Epson salts
    sweet lime or dolomite
    Peat moss

    Additions: dont have to have.
    soybean meal
    glacial rock dust
    oyster shell flour
    coco fiber

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  2. lot of us reuse the soil . as long as your adding new nutrients to it its just fine . suggest waiting 2 weeks after your plant is done reuse the soil so the roots have time to break up . also its best not to let the sol get dry when your waiting to reuse it . depending on your garden size soil is costly . i reused the soil up to about 5 times adding new soil when required during transplant .
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