Soil and lighting For lowryder???

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by northernsmoke47, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Just ordered some lowryder seeds. I have a small cardboard box setup in my closet. i wrapped it with tin fowl and put an a fan in for ventilation and four hole across from it, and i utility light i got from home depot. I was wondering what the best soil and light build and watts it should be for the lowryder plant, and if my setup is good or not. Let me know what u think
  2. Personally, I don't think much will grow. You dont need a utility light, you need CFLs or HPS or MH lights, not halogens. Also, take down the tin foil, you will ruin your plant that way. Some good soil is Fox Farm, no miracle grow though, that will be bad. Last thing is that if you are growing one plant, get about 100Ws of lighting. Start with 6500K and then move on to 2700K when you are flowering.
  3. ok so i just ordered a 125W Warm 2700K Compact florescent plant grow light system, and i took down the tin foil but is there something i can put on there or should i leave it just brown?
  4. Paint the cardboard white:D
  5. mylar works well....check your local grow store they usually sell it by the foot which will allow you to purchase only what you need. if you are not near a shop then i would suggest checking out a party store for mylar ballons or as mentioned painting it white (flat paint will do) and of course lastly since it is cardboard you could always staple white sheets of paper to the box...
  6. do u think the light system i bought well work for veg and flowering and how much light should i give my low ryder for veg and flower

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