[Soil - 1k HPS - Reveg - NL#9 - JHxBBL] Smurfys Round 3 Op

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  1. Thanks for the huge success my first grow log turned out to be guys. Really is cool when people shine in share their thoughts, tell you hey whats up, that my shit looks good etc etc. Just cool to socialize something I LOVE so much.

    Anyways with that said. Here is the DL.

    5x Sagarmatha Northernlights #9
    Northern Lights x White Widow x Durban
    Veg Time:
    30-45 Days
    Flowering Time:

    1000w HPS
    SunMaster inclosed hood
    Air Cooled 4" Inlet fan - 6" Exhaust fan

    AC @ 76f
    Homemade Scrubber for my area
    6" Ducting

    Fox Farm Oceanic Potting Soil
    Fox Farm Trio.

    Just now laying the seeds down to germinate.

    I will be also using this thread for my reveg attempt on my Nirvana Northernlights.

    Things I will be getting I didnt have last grow.

    Glass for hood enclosure
    6" ducting
    2x 6" inline duct fans
    Pandafilm for fake wall
  2. Grow space. Slowly more and more gear is arriving. I went ahead and got 10'x25' Panda film. Basically reflective white on one side and black on the other and is light proof. I also went ahead and got a Tarp zip-up so I can make a door to my fake wall. I will have two holes cut out one for an exhaust duct and one for inlet duct coming from the ac with a 6" inline duct fan and also one will be in the exhaust duct. Panda film will be stapled on 2"x2" for a fake wall and finally I will have a lightproof well ventilated area to grow in.


    Reveg attempt on the Northernlights. I hope I left the right amount of foilage and bud on it for it to try and re-vegetate.


    This lil bugge right here is a seed from the Jock Horror. So Jock Horror(f) x Bubblelicious(f-herm) Will call it Peachtree.

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    First signs of life on the NL#9(NLxWWxDurban)

    This is what I hope to be new vegetation on the Northernlights I harvested a couple weeks ago. Going to trim roots soon as I see more new vegetation. Going to cut the rest of the buds and hand and leave just a few bud sites and the already new veg. LMK what you guys think about this.


    Peachtree the JHxBBL

  4. Subbed!!!:smoke:

    Roll on the high times:hello:

    The re-veg on the ex northenlights is going to be good in 2wks!!;)
  5. Thanks, and yeah its starting to get green again like crazy with those weird lookin nu-cotyledon it has lol.

    Thanks gsxr750 :)

    Look at this crazy shit! Allt his happened over night in the center of the bush. New growth everywhere. Def makes me feel confident about the reveg.

    All 5x of my NL#9 had taproots so they went under a cm of soil today :D

    Excited excited I am.

    Light scheduel is 18/6 BTW. Am so not doing 24/0 until monday or tuesday after I enclose the area and get my duct/inlines in the mail.
  6. Two of the NL#9 are above ground, JHxBBL is doing good, and the NL is looking very bushy once again over time. Will post pics later this is my dai off :hello::cool:------>:bongin:
  7. Alright! I'm in.
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    Im so on board !! Revegging is weird, I just revegged a White Queen from my 1st run, and its only the beginning of the weirdness ! Itll grow round leaves and shoot limbs in weird directions, your in for some fun !!

    Nice organized grow , easy to follow, thanks, Ill look forward to seeing the upgrades in action , and seeing it all play out .

  9. Looks like we are all in for lesson in reveg. Don't F-Up Smurfy, we all need to learn something here! LOL:p
  10. Mint m8 keep it up the re-veg looks pretty sweet ass atm look at her trying to re-spawn all over her flowers:D:D 2wks she gonna fucking rock!!

    dude re-vegging sounds good ha i might try that 1 time... if its decent weed though:smoke:
  11. Haha WUNDEBAR! I know probably know where how you spell it but I just had a flash back of playing rtcw.

    Yeah it is defiantly weird to see this thing progress. I am gonna take some pics soon so yall can see. Lots of improvement day by day. The stems are starting to get green again and have some flex to them. I am gonna pluck the rest of the buds that doesn't have reveg growth growing on it already. :) I hope it turns out to be a good call.

    I am the one learning too, just taking observations day by day. Ya'll know as much as I know I am sure.

    Yeah as long as it comes from a good yielder and good genes I think it's worth it to reveg. The smoke from this NL wasn't the best but it was decent and it yielded nicely. I know now to let them go a little longer. But, best believe I have been stoned for the whole month of september and I am probably gonna be stoned october too. lol.

    System won't let me show yall any love :O
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    I told you guys shit rollin along on this reveg. I am going to pluck off buds that are high and let em dry. Gonna give it a couple days to recoop then I will give the root ball a trim and repot in some new soil :)

    JHxBBL Runt, soil is a little dry on top but is moist below. I promise. Healthy start so far I think

    What I am also excited about, start of the NL#9 taking air.

  13. Im stoned and you lost me there for a minute! I had to look up what Wunderbar was and boy was I embarrased especially since I lived in Germany for 1.5 years. Jeeze RTCW that brings back some good memories. Man, I used to be crazy addicted to video games when I was younger. Now, I cant even finish one. Getting old sucks. I just lose interest.

    I wouldnt be so quick to judge the NL just yet, unless you are talking about potency of course. My first grow was so damn harsh to smoke. It wasnt until curing for about 5 weeks that it got really smooth and tasted yummy as hell.

    Im really excited that you are revegging it. I dont think I have ever followed a reveg here on GC. I certainly have never seen one before. I cant wait to see how it turns out!
  14. dude! that reveg jobs gonna be a gooden :D how many cuttings you gonna take?

    i like the line up, heres hoping peachtree turns out tastey :D

    +rep when i can dude, keep it up
  15. Yeah I havnt played video games since I had kids. I love them tho(video games)

    I dunno is that normally what people do? Reveg then take cuttings? I was just gonna let the plant reveg and reflower, lol.
  16. yeah, they take cuttings when theres some available. otherwise your gonna have to repot that fucker else where :p

    i would take cuttings and start over small, should be around 2-3 weeks when you can take some fair amount of cuttings :D take a few to make sure you get a nice healthy one :D
  17. Thanks for the schooling. I was gonna repot into one of those rubber maids bins The 15gal ones. And I was gonna see how big of a tree I can grow out, lol. I am gonna take cuttings tho. so I have an even canopy for scrog.

  18. Yes! I love the tree idea. How much of your bathroom are you going to turn into a grow space?
  19. Everywhere but the toilet and sink. I have a pretty big apartment, 3bed/3 full bath. So kids have one and me and ol lady share one and then we have this full one that was the master that we turned into a half bath full grow, LOL.

    Wednesday is my off day I will be going to the HD to get 2x2 for brace for the panda film and my inline fans should be in by then also. Can't wait. :D

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