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  1. If im going with indicas, how long do i veg. them for. Or, how tall do i let them get before switching to 12/12??

    AND, can i use both indicas and sativas in a sea of green situation?
  2. Every pot plant has a minimum size to start flowering at and it varies somewhat from strain to strain. Starting flowering below this size causes an unusually tiny yield. If you ever see a seedling flowered indoors, it can end up making one cute little bud- this is an extreme example of the effect. Because of this and other considerations, you should flower clones at slightly different sizes to see how small the strain should be flowered. I'd suggest starting out around 6".

    Yes, there are examples of both types that can be grown in a SoG setup. You'll be more likely to find a good SoG plant with primarily indica strains.
  3. yeah ill be using well rooted clones.

    so your saying start to flower at about 6"?? going with INDICA.
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    Clones are a whole diff story than what he was sayin lol u can veg them for as little as a day if it's what ur wanting to do or as long as a month but i would say a week, at one time in a 2x1' area u could have 32 lollipopped clones in 3" pots and have each give u 1/8-1/4
  5. Coastal's right of course. Flowering rooted clones with no veg time is called the Dutch Style Sea of Green method. With strains that respond well to it, that technique will create a "bud ona stick"; a main stem covered in buds that get thicker towards the top, few fan leaves and little to no branching. These kind of plants also use some of the smallest pots for flowering of any soil grows.
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    Gotta love hearing that lol

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