SOG method......

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by oskillzzo, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. i wanna try a SOG next time or the time after once i pretty much got the growing down.....i plan on gettin 2 400 watt hps' with a tempered glass and proper ventilation....and for the 250watt hps i have now, i wanna get a MH conversion bulb and do some veg in there for clones...i was planning doing 25 plants to 12" in height.........but im on a non hydroponic system so how hard is it maintaining 25 plants? watering, pruning and all that

    also......could i get away with just using those plastic party cups and my plant would grow to 12"? buyin 25 little pots would be a lot more than buyin party cups =D
  2. Growing 25 plants is 25x more difficult that growing just one. Well its not really more difficult, just more work and time consuming. 25 plants would make a nice SOG. Not sure if you could finish them in party cups; those seem pretty small. But, growing them in party cups will certainly guarantee the plants stay short with very little side branching.

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