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  1. when growing in a sog what do u guys find is best using seperate containers and reservoirs for each stage? conversly, could i just use 1 container such as a flood table with a single reservoir? would the nutrient mix be an issue going week to week say if i were using canna brand nutrients (can i put pk 13/14 in with everything else and make it work or will i potentially run into issues?). All the info from people that are doing something similar i can gain is HUGELY appreciated. I've done unreal amounts of research bought books and such but still cannot come up with a definitive answer.
  2. so your talkin bout throwing rooted clones into the flood tray and they'd be in 12/12 the whole time with budding nutes? If so, you may get smaller yields cuz clones should get at least a cpl weeks to eastablish roots systems and grow a bit over foliage before getting thrown into budding.
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    i must have forgotten to mention i was gonna let the clones root for 10-15 days. i wasn't just gonna clip and bud sorry for the misunderstanding. anyways anyone have any input?

    also planning on the ol' lollipop to force production into the main cola so i can hopefully get a bam bam stick. anybody recommend nutrients over the canna variety local growshop owner recommended canna over everything else for "lush" growth.
  4. i agreed with the post above, you should let clones establish a root system, usually 2 weeks is enough, if you throw them in with the other clones who are already under nuts, it will throw them outta wack. i recommend 2 weeks, but i have done it in 4 days, all depends on how well clones react to the clipping. 45 degree angel, and directly into cloning solution and they should be fine in one week, two for better yeild. but all depends on how strain handles being cloned, as for other question, i am not sure, never tried that way, sry. pz - sm0ak.
  5. I guess i'm still not explaining my question right. What I am wondering is if I have a 2 week cycle with new clones going in every 2 weeks that have had 10-15 days to root and such would I have a problem using the same nutrient solution with the plants that are 2 weeks behind each other in progress?
  6. another question if i'm on an 9-10 week flowering cycle and i choose to flush for 1 week should i just get a seperate growing setup for like 4 lollipops at a time so i can keep an every 2 week clone planting cycle.
  7. you would need seperate flood tables the new clones you wanna throw in with your old ones won't like like the full strength nutes juss yet they can suffer from nute burn
  8. could i then have say 1 2/2 table for weeks 1-5 and then a 2/2 table for weeks 6-10. weeks 6/10 could be a auto drip feed or something of that nature then weeks 1/5 could be hand watered with more diluted nutrient mixes more times a day but with less overall watering in a coco medium? im trying to stick to the whole canna method organic seems nice to me and i like the idea anyhow. the nutrient packages also seem to have a set gude as to ppm and timing of what ppm should be in each stage of flower. I really just want about 2 oz dry weight per 2 weeks or so. anyone able to suggest a simpler way to achieve this such as a sog hand watered each stage gets its own nute mix. would that be a better way to go. sorry for the long posts i'm just trying to wrap my brain around every detail so that i can minimize early mistakes to get a better overall quality.
  9. if you don't mind hand watering, soil would be a badass way to go, i water my plants every 3-4 days so that should give you enough time to get everything organized and flowing smoothly..:smoke:
  10. was thinkin of using canna coco in the 50 L bags. I'd rather buy that at the local hydro store than buying loads of soil at the local home depot. No one I know is aware the local hydro store exists therefore I can stay even more low key. Plus I just like the idea of growing with coco fibers as a medium seems to be more user friendly than hydroton.
  11. yeah man go for it, but you don't have to buy soil from home depot your hydro store most likely sells FFOF and light warrior soil the kind im running in my grow journal, but do some research before you buy don't wanna get stuck with something you'll regret buying in the future
  12. I've been doing crazy amounts of research about a month away from tryin it out and i want to be sure of what I'm trying to do rather than jumping in and being downriver without a paddle.
  13. well, if its the "first" grow, its going to be upstream without a paddles "most times." their are those select few who have good luck, dont want to call it begginers, but with first timers, mistakes are some times caught to late, if you going to have a crap load of plants, do hydro, with 4 tables, that way you can plant new clones and harvest every 8/9 weeks, but beware, the more plants, the more at risk, i recommend, grow 2 mothers, clone 3 from each, for 10/14 days, put two of them right into flower, make sure they are females, grow other clones for a few more days, will handle nut's better, beware, if you put 2/3 week old clones into a different substance, ie: cube to soil, wait until you see how they react before adding nutes, do water, tlet them fully recover, then proceed to test, at this point, first time = guess and test, so dont expect bangin results off first grow, be excited it could happen, but, good luck. pz - sm0ak.:smoking:

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