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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Jaybom, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. what wod happen if you put soda instead of water in a bong woud it tazte good
  2. it wod tazte nasty and your bong would get all sticky with residue.
  3. THC may or may not get filtered through properly as the sugar may just not let it through as its to thick beat bet keep it to water :)
  4. is it dangeros I want to try :0
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    So try it. The Internet doesn't need to give you permission.

    If the goal is for the bong "water" to taste good while drinking it... Good luck. People have used dumber things for bong water. The posters are right though, you aren't going to beat cold clean water.
  6. well could it like harm u like sugar could attatch 2 the thc and it'd like git in ur lungs you know? I'm not askingg for permision I'm just asking if anything weird woud happen
  7. I'm not sure whether it would attach itself to the thc but if it did Suguar is bad for you if you smoke it so.... I'd steer clear dude but in the end it's your call
  8. You aren't burning/smoking the sugars so I'd assume no. Liquor is loaded with sugars and people do that silliness all the time.

    I highly doubt anything more weird then the idea itself will happen ;-)
  9. lol ok thnks guys
  10. It's not dangerous but it is retarded
  11. whatever bro.
  12. Supposedly you can get pneumonia from putting sugary liquids in your bong. The sugar can cause bacteria to grow in your lungs. Alot of ppl use milk in their bong though, that's pretty popular and safe as far as i know. Just make sure you clean your bong out after using milk in it, you don't wanna hit a bong full of stale milk.
  13. The bong would be a bitch to clean after, but if you want to do it I would try vitamin water. :hello:
  14. What would happen if you went to english class once in awhile?

    sent from the mind of a ninja

  15. People really do this? I can't imagine it tastes spectacular, at best it'd taste like milk right? It'd be brutal to clean if you let it set for even an hour or two and milk is as much as gas if not even more in most places. What is the benefit?
  16. Soda = fats and oils

    THC = fats and oil soluble

    Therefore you're inhaling less thc than with water
  17. That's just a pointless and retarded idea
  18. #18 KushZoo, Jul 30, 2013
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    Well i know that it's extremely popular to put milk in hookas, because it supposedly makes the smoke alot thicker. Which i believe is the only
    benefit. That being said i dont really see the point in putting it in your bong because honestly who really cares how thick your exhaled weed smoke is. However i've heard alot of stories about ppl doing it, and if it's safe in a hooka then i suppose it's safe in a bong.
  20. A friend of mine once put apple juice in his bong, sorta tasted a little like apples but not really worth the aggro when you have to clean it IMO.

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