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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by callow, May 6, 2002.

  1. okay..before I transplant my babies outside I want to sprout them in the bottom halves of 2 liter soda bottles. How should I go about doing this? I figure you have to wrap the outside of any clear parts with tape to prevent sunlight from making contact with the roots. Should I poke drainage holes on the bottom? These bottles are going to go outside until they are about half a foot to a foot tall and then are going to be planted, soil and all into my grow spot.
  2. why dont use use regular pots
  3. because I can't exactly walk to home depot (I live on top of a mountain) and I can't ask my parents to take me there so I can buy marijuana growing supplies...
  4. Hi Callow. I'm using 2 liter bottles right now for some babies I have (about a month old). I did drill some drainage holes in the bottoms, you don't want anything rotting in there. They are doing great so far, growing awesome (first time). I never thought about wrapping them in something so the roots weren't exposed to the lights. Good idea.

  5. thanks :]

  6. thats a good reason

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