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  1. [ame=]"Sick Of This" Tales Of Mere Existence - YouTube[/ame]
  2. I like society. Weed, Woman, and Water is all I need fo real.
  3. I feel about 90% of that.
  4. Im sick of the fact that everyone is aware of this... yet nothing ever changes

    its like the definition of insanity... except instead of thinking about it everyone can talk about it... haha
  5. Of the first two I'm wondering which you'll use for food to be honest.
  6. I agree with pretty much everything said in that video.
  7. Great videos I just watched a bunch thanks for sharing
  8. This is really good. I too loath society and its fixation with consumerism and especially popular culture.
  9. Im also sick of this.
  10. I like being able to manipulate people by only using like 2% of my brain. I find myself slowly having to use a little more brain power over time though, people are getting smarter.

    Shiet, time to buy a new watch, reduce brain power son! Free up my shit so i can get more money so i can use less of my brain! Soon ill just be a baller and won't have to use my brain...Can't wait.
  11. OK so fix it...
  12. lame video.

    be the change you want to see... it's really quite a simple concept.

    funny how someone smokes a joint and instantly feels separated from the rest of society.... use it to your advantage and better yourself instead of just complaining about how the world is oh sooo messed up.

    it's been this way since the beginning of time. just a little easier to notice it considering how big the worlds population is and considering what the general population of people truly care about.
  13. He can't change society's penchant for popular culture and consumerism ya dumb twat
  14. What the fuck are you talking about..?
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    aww did I offend ya buddy ?

    when did I even say he could anyways? lol...
  16. This!
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    Yes I am so very offended ://////

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