society is fucked up

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  1. this is a bunch of incoherent ramblings loosely in formation to resemble somewhat of a rant.

    i don't understand society, western, at least.
    why is the ego so dominant? why does it exist? why are people trying to move away from the natural?

    ego is the fucking worst. 'i'm better than you since...'.
    does it make any sense? not to me. how i wish people would drop these childish ideas that place such merit on material goods (not needs such as food) and social hierarchy. in one way, people have evolved to be more reasonable (from six thousand years ago). This is because laws are much looser, and liberal.
    In another, people became more illogical and place value on things which don't mean anything. why are there still borders? aren't we on one planet? there are a shitload of countries now a days. everyone wants their own little piece of land to call home. why? i don't quite know how to focus all this on one point, but believe me, it is all in the same category.

    i also wanted to address this other thing that i've thought about numerous times.
    why do people try and make themselves unnatural? women, especially, i find it. the painted faces, the dyed hair, things like that. i mean, i am certainly more attracted to modern women, which is probably a bad thing, but how did it become so? is it because of media constantly showing this, causing me to become 'brainwashed', in a sense?
    it's that fucking ego again. it's always there.

    finally, i'll end on a lighter note, which some still consider pretty serious.
    why is the word ****** (since i know that will be starred out, i mean the dreaded 'n-word') so fucking taboo? it really shouldn't be censored, especially in a place which values basic freedoms. can't i have my freedom of speech? This isn't an issue on the forum, however, it's an issue all over the western world. oh, sure, call me a racist, if you must. i just think that people who let words have power like that should reevaluate their entire life and existence.

    agree? disagree? which issues?
    thank you, if you read the whole thing.
  2. I never thought of the ego like that before. Yeah, screw the borders, God wants us to roam free! Stupid "holier than thou" attitude. Our country's too good for you we don't want you??

    It's always fun going to Wally World with the g/f. Have you seen how much different things of make-up there are??? It's just insane. Makes me glad I am male.

    In regards to the "word", I feel it's just a word, no different than any other. Some people have chosen to make a big deal out of it. It's a word! I say those motherfuckers just gotta get over it, the sooner we get over trivial issues such as that, the sooner society can begin to heal??

    Yeah, big question mark on that one
  3. the western world is based on money. america is based on selling billions of $ of guns to whoever wants to kill. we value an anorexic standard of beauty, we value cars and houses. material objects run lives and no one says anything. the government wiretaps our phones and no one says anything.

    its prety obvious that capitalism has failed. its unfortunate that now the world is run by these companies that arent going to loosen their stranglehold on us.

    ego. its a terrible thing to let someone with a big ego run television networks and newspapers. one person with alot of power. i think this whole ego thing stems from a fear of death and the desire to be immortal. the soul is a characteristic of ego, people want to live forever and the idea of a soul has been ingrained into everyone of us. the soul is an egotisticaly constructed fabrication (ooo big words). i foresee an argument :p

    another idea, we are all slaves. to some corporation, to some ideal. possibly the idea of the american dream. big cars, big houses all that crap is fake it doesnt matter and it causes wars and murder. some people sit in their big house with their alienware computer and ferarri and theres kids in africa and baghdad that are living in a literal hell. we dont have to live that way, the only thing that matters is love and being with people you love.

    the saying make love not war is true. would you rather be in bed with the person you love or in iraq shooting missles. now if everyone had that same mentality where would we be? not in iraq, im sure we would all be in bed with the people we love.
  4. I think that the ego is natural, but it can get distorted into a monster.

    The ego, is pleasure-seeking, and inherently good, only sometimes we begin to pleasure things which have no real value, disproportionately...i.e. money, cars, pornography, drugs, lattes etc. I think it's a case of Maslow's hierarchy of needs:
    our basic needs are met in industrial society, so you either stay at that level, or you reach higher and higher for more abstract ideals...sometimes people just give up the search for the higher purpose for various reasons. You can play the blame game, but in the end we all have power to change, and to create.

    If you desire what is good, then you're gonna experience goodness. If you desire evil, you'll find it, too. If you desire nothing, then nothing will ever change.
  5. Personally, I'm in training to become no one at all. The individual ego is the biggest obstacle to any enlightenment that you can experience. A man without humility has no empathy. A man with no empathy feels alone. A lonely man will become a desperate man. And to abate his isolation, he will do things that benefit nothing, waging a war on his own soul, furthering his own isolation. In other words, a blowhardy ego, is a dangerous animal, rabid, yet unknowing they infect more people with their self designed fever. And then the world around them in it's crass commerciality, tells them this is good, and they believe it, so happy for any approval. A self defeating system, in need of repairs that can only come from within, is not a good system is it?
  6. Thats awesome i was just laying in bed this morning thinking about all this bullshit. (by the way I +rep'd a few of you guys) And I had two ideas on how to fix it..

    1. Break into all the corporations/research centers/gov facilitys etc. and release all their information as free knowledge.

    but it soon (2 or 3 seconds later) became appearant that this wasnt going to work, so i came up with plan number two

    2. I want to start movement to make the new generations aware of what is happening. I want to ingrane (SP?) a sense of good in people that makes them want to help others. New generations of scientists and businessmen will share their discoveries and medicines with the world... and in doing so hopefully money becomes less fluential over our lives, and with a little luck the borders might fall...

    We have enough problems as Human Beings. To divide ourselves up like this and kill each other or watch each other starve to death is rediculouse.

    Another thought, I've noticed throughout history its always been the same... hate each other kill each other repeat. Lets change that and unite as a race, unite as a planet.
  7. :rolleyes:

    Cant change it. Its not only human nature, but the nature of all animals that exist on earth.
  8. I partially agree but so many things that are normal now days are obsolete nonsensical and just bad in everyway.

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