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  1. What it's opposed by? Absolute Freedom, or true anarchy.

    Someone was talking about Christianity being 'society control' when I see a deeper root within society, that is controlling people. Though I have to admit, Christianity was a major tool for society control back in the middle ages, I have to disagree that it makes a major impact today, that people are just over-exaggerating, and that the people that we see that seem to be still using it as a tool today, are just a zealous few.

    The real root within society, that controls society, is obviously an elite of the social outlets. Making it a monopoly under the cloak. Social outlets? Let us see, the media, including social media, movies, music, books, and that sort. The schooling system is indoctrinating at the public level. While stating opinion to be fact, and fact to be opinion. You know it's all bad when a teacher poses the question, who would you vote for in this election? And the whole class says democrat, or republican. The monetary system, U.S. money is obviously weighed by debt, not by gold, it's all about basically, who owns who. I own you, and you, But I'm owned by you, and rooted to the base, the Federal Reserve owns everybody. And I just wonder about the Federal Reserves intentions half the time, though the other half of the time, I think that their intentions are domination over everyone. It's not about world domination fellas, it's about people domination. And then the military, now what can we say that's possibly wrong with the military without getting busted. Like our wars in the middle east, are to shut down local 'insurgents' people fighting for their freedom, to not be indebted to countries elsewhere. Just because our nation of the world order wants to indoctrinate the middle east as well, doesn't mean it is possible. These people I believe to be righteous, and by that karma treats them well. Corporations can take their 'services' elsewhere, (like it hasn't already) or I could just say they could take their so-called services and shove it up there- whee-hoo. All this propaganda about the middle-east doing bad things, are just that propaganda. But common sense has me reasoning about our nation, the world order's real intentions, that they are just using that as false excuse to assimilate the middle east.

    Oh, did I even mention the peer-pressure-based, way of thought in society? "If you don't think this way, you're an outcast." Fuck that. Well thank you for letting me be me. And I'll take my two-inches elsewhere. That is why I'm all for thinking for myself, I prefer it that way. Fuck people if they don't like me. But if you do like me, well then, let me educate you about life.

    See these people right here? They're all assholes, stay away from them. Don't let yourself be indoctrinated or assimilated. And strive for the ultimate prize, which is absolute freedom, of your mind, body, and soul.
  2. Nice post. I like your tone.

    Of course, we can only be controlled if we let ourselves be controlled. We are only controlled if we believe we have no other choice. We are the people. We've just become used to believing that those we have elected to serve us have power over us. Understandable really, because they like the feeling of having power over us, and do things to make us forget that it is we who have always had it.
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    "We are all servants of the laws in order that we may be free."

    Without society there is no freedom, or at least not the kind which is appealing. Jungle/animalistic freedom is not something which is desirable... ask Hobbes.

    Ur problem is that ur imposing a mold on society, the concept itself, which is unwarranted and illegitimate; just because societies of the past, for the most part, did not truly manifest justice and equality, does not mean societies are totally incapable of bringing to fruition prosperity and happiness...

    Arguing that something will be a certain way in the future, just because it was a certain way in the past, is fallacious; I turn to Hume's infallible argument's for recourse:cool:.

    Nevertheless, society is needed...
  4. My argument for that is. Destroy society, to rebuild it, because I do think you are right, I'm not just proposing anarchy, I'm proposing a democratic-anarchy, which is in essence, natural utopia...
  5. The last part of your post was beautiful.

  6. Haha, thank you, thank you, encore? Encore?
  7. If I may approach the bench your honor, Aresnexuc

    Please refer to the quote, "Oh, did I even mention the peer-pressure-based, way of thought in society? "If you don't think this way,
    you're an outcast,"" taken directly from your OP.

    You say society is based on a form of group think, correct? Would you say that for the only way for there to ever be true democracy is if we can spark debate on vital issues? Now I ask you, do you think debate is possible without having two contradictory ideas being posed? I rest my case.

    If that make didn't sense to you, then I will ezplain it a little simpler: I feel that you can't handle your views on an issue being challenged. Of course, considering the way we are communicating, I can't expect you to not feel angry at what others might say against your ideas. We humans aren't used to debating in such a asocial manner as we are now, because the construct which has allowed us this ability, the internet, is a modern advancement - it's only been around for around twenty years, for consumer use anyway. Never the less, I feel that in order to debate an issue, or to have any discussion at all, you need to be able to seperate yourself from the idea you are debating. This is not something that I see you are capable of. You need to relinquish your ego and refrain from projecting your insecurities onto others - namely me. I wouldn't conjure up opposing views if I didn't see that it had some connection to the discussion at hand, and many a time, you have misinterpreted what I said in these discussions. I can't blame you, because we aren't all born equal as The Wretched Man would have us believe.

    But before I lose what I'm trying to say, I implore you to please stop using strawman arguments against me. Stop reading too deeply into things that aren't there. And please, I'm serious on this one, stop taking offence to every little thing that is posted. I'm certain that as you read what I post, you probably think me to be this horrible person, but I'm not. You probably "see" me saying these words to you, but please, don't fool yourself: I'm not who you think I am. I'm merely a necessary evil.

    "You can't build beliefs on shaky ground," is a saying I might have just farted out, but assume that it is a profound statement and think of me as a "belief-building inspector. I'm just here to make sure that you hold on to beliefs that are stable and let go of beliefs that are not.
  8. I'm going to put you in our experimentation program. I'll reserve the door V for you so you can live out your fantasy.
  9. Didn't it end badly for V? What's the point of getting what you wanted and not being around for your "victory?"

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