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    hey gc I saw this thread: and it got me thinking. first you should know the back story though.

    --- Okay this might sound really dumb, but in middle school and i had a good life. Great friends, awesome classes, my best friend/neighbor was extremely well known around town. I basically knew everyone, hanging out with friends almost every day.

    --- Then the news hit me: we were moving to Arizona. I was crushed. Not only did I have to leave all of my friends behind, but I had to leave my family as well (aunts, uncles, DAD). So we moved during the summer of me going to high school. I didn't make a myspace/facebook or anything, so I lost all contact with my friends.I'll be straight up honest here, I got ADDICTED to World of Warcraft. hardcore, as in at least four hours a day and eight hours a day on the weekends. Some weekends I'd play for 12 hours sometimes! I fucked up so bad my freshmen year, I got a measly one credit. Failed 12/14 classes that year.

    --- During the summer of 2004 I went back up to my old home town to see my father for the summer. I saw my friends once. ONCE that whole time. I didn't even see a majority of them. I pissed my summer away playing World of Warcraft.

    ---- Sophomore year came around. I was still playing. Except it was worse. Freshmen year I had made friends with a lot of people. But my sophomore year I didn't really talk to a lot of them. Did pretty bad again, failing 7/14 classes.

    --- Summer 2005 I was getting pretty bored with the game. I went back up to my old town again, but didn't even visit any of my friends. I came back down to Arizona, when I quit the game for good. But I got involved in a guitar hero community in which they had an mIRC channel and I was on too much (not addicted)

    --- Junior year I quit World of Warcraft but was still on mIRC. My grades picked up fantastically. I had been hanging out with a couple of good friends of mine. Starting to talk to people again, etc. --- Senior year was basically a repeat of Junior year, except I dropped the mIRC for good. Grades picked up, blah blah blah.

    --- so fast forward a few years. I hang out with a bunch of people now, but I never go to a place alone. I am always with a specific friend, probably my best. I find myself to be...socially retarded though. I can't EVER keep a conversation going. I never have anything to say. In college (community) while walking to class or something, I can't ever strike up a conversation. It really sucks. I don't think I have social anxioty because I don't worry about people except for when I meet new people. Does anyone have this problem, and if so did you and/or how did you overcome it?
  2. **faces group**

    hello: my names chicken and im socially retarted.....

    **hi- chicken**
  3. Be yourself.
    You`re trying to be the social butterfly that you aren`t.
  4. It's all good I drifted from my good friends during highschool too, but since its been over its like a whole weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.
  5. yeah i kinda got that problem too
    i meet friends but i dont hang with em, only talk at school
    then after high school, i meet some new friends in college and well still dont "hang" with em
    i only have 3 best friend and i know them since 10 years old, now i lost one of my best friends and this best friend, he kool till he got into x, then he fucks me over and i never saw him again..
    well this year, i got very socailize cause i was doin x, i meet soo many people and talkin and keep talking and got thier # even GIRLS!!! i mean i cant get a girls number till now
    x helped me, now i got addiced to x, i quit last month, never done it again

    now i'm back to my old self again but now i know how to make good conversion, and try keep the conversion goin,(i still suck at that) sometimes x does help u, (please dont do x unless u wanna know whats it like)

    but now i'm deaf for next 2 months, i'm dead serious so now its really hard to make friends, so i'm just goin have to wait till i get the hear-aid :/

    one of my best friends, we can keep talkin till we die, we have the fuckin same thoughts, we think the same, when we start talkin, we ended up sayin exact same time exact same words,, its soo fuckin scary! (i dont know where this is goin but whatever)

    all i'm goin say is try be yourself, talk what your thoughts are (that i learned this year when i was doin x) and when u leave, try get their phone # and call him up once a week to see if he wanna chill,... typical thing....
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    hahaha, thats good stuff man
    op- just be yourself dude, thats all i can say, no reason to say you're social retarded cause your obviously not
    you've made friends before and im sure you can do it again. you talked to them dont you? they were strangers at 1 time. talking to strangers is always a tad weird but thats life bro, just get used to it. if its that much of a problem where it starts messing with your life, talk to a doc and pop a valium or something to ease the "awkward" situations.
  7. Here's a real good game for increasing your social skills...

    Pick a random character, any. Just make up a backstory to a random person and be that person and talk about anything you fucking want... I climbed mount everest, whatever. And you'll find it's easier to talk to random people eventually.

    The best way to get new friends and girlfriends is to not give a fuck about what they think. DO whatever you want and say whatever you want. Really it's just that simple

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