Socially awkward while high please please help

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  1. So I've been smoking for about 2 years and a lot has changed.
    I took acid when I was not ready for it I did not want to do it but ended up doing it beside my friends convinced me that night. Apparently I went retarded and didn't know anything at all. I'm not sure if there is a connection but ever since then it feels like it has changed my weed high. It's been over a year since then and I just get overly paranoid for example I went to a party not super high I thought but when I got there I started freaking out thinking everyone was looking at me super super paranoid. Sometimes when I smoke around my friends this happens. We usually smoke down everyday but it seems my tolerance does not go up but all my friends can take a blunt to the face and be completely fine. Also how can I fix this it's been going on for a while and I want it to stop please help.
  2. @Tylerp21
    It may just not be your (thing)
    My wife has a love hate relationship with weed. She likes a toke or 2 a few minutes before dinner as it sharpens her appetite and improves the flavors for her.
    The rest of the time she's like keep that crap away from me. Just makes her paranoid as hell. She's gone back to a glass of wine for her kicker and it works for her.
    Me I can't stand alcohol any longer and even a sip of it will give me a headache so I stay the hell away from it.
    Really sad as I loved a good beer back in the day and that's all ruined for me now. LOL getting old sucks at times.
    Make your own personal choices and resist the crowd if it's not working for you. Just pass the joint on when it comes your way. We partied with a preachers son who didn't drink or smoke but he enjoyed the company and he'd just pass the doobie on to the next person in the circle. We all got used to him quickly enough and he was a great guy if we needed a driver as he was always sober.
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  3. Change your attitude

    and it an't easy

    understand that these guys are your Friends

    you have no right or reason to be scared //paranoid with or at them

    sounds like ya buddies know this and trying to get you out of that serial killer looser act

  4. Friend of mine had same experience, that was 4 years ago and he still can't smoke
    Without that. So your smoking days might be over for a while. Get your head on straight and come back later down the road
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  5. Haha, kids.
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  6. Everyone is socially awkward when really high but especially if you are young. I cant do it as much as I like because it kills my social life. My ex is the opposite.
  7. Lol please speak for yourself man

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