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  1. [ame=]YouTube - Socialism vs. Capitalism. (Part One)[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Socialism vs. Capitalism. (Part Two)[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Socialism vs. Capitalism. (Part Three)[/ame]
  2. This guy left out one small detail - he forgot to mention all the countries that are thriving under socialism.
  3. which of the few socialist countries in the world are thriving?

    China, Cuba, N. Korea, Vietnam or Laos?
  4. China is certainly thriving. But I think CritikalBill meant the democratic socialist countries like in the European Union, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, etc.
  5. very nice.
    I want to know if the correlations/statistics the videos mention are linear or not.
  6. Creator of that video has no understanding of economics or capitalism.

    And OP, I think it's funny that your signature says "Peace and Love to all" but then you have a picture of Che as your avatar. Priceless irony.
  7. A bit busy right now, but will definitely take a look at later.

    Cuba would do a lot better if it didn't have an embargo on it from the U.S. Despite the fact they haven't received anything new, except a few baseballs from Canadian tourists, for half a century, I would say the people are doing very well for themselves. Look at the cars they still have on the streets.
  8. I'm only at a basic level understanding of economics, and I can already tell that the author of the first video has a flawed understanding of how capitalism works.

    Any video or other media that *begins* with emotional appeals has already lost it's credibility.
  9. Socialism is based on a false idea of using the masses to secure the masses well being. And a big reason it fails miserably is because there are people who contribute nothing that are given handouts. So basically it fails because there are people that arent supporting themselves, which is an idiotic human trait that we should've evolved from by now. Its always a better idea to be the one responsible for ones own well being, where will the leaches be when they arent given a handout? Where will you be when someone breaks in your house and you're waiting on the police to arrive because the government wont let you defend yourself. 'Socialism with a smile' isnt a new concept either, even though Barack Obama revolutionized it, Stalin was a master of it too. Capitalism is just a much more efficient, logic-based system, not emotionally-charged like socialism.

  10. defenders of capitalism can be just as emotionally charged as defenders of socialism. and both have a certain logic behind them.

    i think subconsciously, it is an emotional decision anyway. it all depends on what YOU value most as a human being. i value my health, and the health of the environment. that's why i passionately support universal healthcare and environmental protection. capitalists value the free market, and that's why they're emotional about defending it. same thing.

  11. Capitalists value a free market because we value FREEDOM, LIBERTY, and PROSPERITY.

    All three of those things are possible only under capitalism.
  12. right, but those three words can mean completely different things to different people. maybe i value a different type of freedom and prosperity.

  13. i think that should be a bus on the right...

  14. So if you support Capitalism you get to drive a cool car ?

    How does that make your life better ?
    Because you can go to McD's for your dinner ?????

  15. Depends on what books you read or if you listen to the US "Che is evil" viewpoint which i think you prob did...;)

  16. Capitalism does not work...;)

    If it did you would not have people starving in the richest country in the world...

  17. American BS brainwashing crap that is fed to you from kindergarden on...
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    Yeah. I really get my information from "public schooling."

    Public schooling does brainwash you, but not in laissez-faire capitalism.

    Public schools push statism, and if you happen to take an economics class in high school, Keynesian theory.

    I guarantee you don't know a single thing about true laissez-faire capitalism.

    Have you read von Mises? Hayek? Hazlitt? Rothbard? Rand? Greenspan (early Greenspan before he became a statist traitor)?

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