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  1. I used to have badd social anxiety, and smoking bud didn't make a difference. What I did to cure social anxiety is I got a job at a restaurant with hot 20-23 year old girls. Working with the public cured me. I used to have it so bad that when I would walk between classes at college (I'm 19) I would start sweating and shit 'cause of social anxiety. peace
  2. I have social anxiety too, and working at Subway has helped me quite a bit.

    I still get nervous and get stuck and can't think of anything to say when people talk to me sometimes (depending on the person) and end up sounding stupid.

    But it has helped.
  3. Just think your the shit.

    I got a couple friends who do this extremely well.

  4. Exactly! Ignorance is bliss, Many people win from this method. It's kinda hard when your insecure though :/
  5. Iv'e delt with it my whole life.. I can talk to people pretty well when I start but it is just going out somewhere or initiating the conversation.. then it flows like i'm smooth or something.

    My problem is I don't put myself in social situations, i'm 24 and iv'e been to a bar like 5 times.
  6. Gin and whiskey is my anti-anxiety.
  7. Try being a teacher with 30 kids chirpin you everyday, anxiety that makes you want to kill yourself.
  8. OP you didnt have "severe" anxiety.
    you had a case of anxiety.

    but i can assure you just working at subway it not the cure.
    i have dealt with it much longer than you.

    ya i am in my mid 20's.
    i went to college & i would do more than just start sweating.
    i would literally take longer routes to class to avoid being in crowded areas.
    as well as do much more to avoid social situations.

    smoking bud has drastically helped me.
    i could care less what people think of me when im blazed.
    when i am not high, thats an entirely different story.

    glad you worked through your anxiety.
    but its not that easy for all of us.
  9. Your lucky. My social anxiety has been so bad sometimes I cant even put In a job app. I've avoided stores or certain routes to class to avoid encountering people. Its a pain in the ass
  10. You clearly didn't read my post. Nice job assuming though. Because you had bad anxiety, nobody else has severe anxiety? :hello:
  11. I'm 22 and have really bad social anxiety. I've also got something called Avoidant Personality Disorder, which has caused me to become pretty much a recluse. I avoid all contact with people. I haven't talked to my best friend in months.

    I've got a job and get along really well with the people there. But that's because they're pretty much strangers. I'm more comfortable striking up conversation with a complete stranger than somebody who might be considered a good friend.

    Unfortunately, I've found that weed makes my anxiety worse. It multiplies the tension drastically. That's why, if I smoke, I smoke by myself.

  12. For real what a negative presumptuous post.. "you didn't have severe anxiety I've had it way longer than you" stfu lol..

    OP I deal with anxiety too, it's such a shitty feeling. I'm trying to work through it without taking meds, weed seems to help half the time or it will make it worse the other half. Anxiety is such a weird thing
  13. I used to have problems with it too...then I just started giving way less fucks about what people think, and I'm better now.:cool:
  14. It's more internal with me; the more nervous I get, the more 'relaxed' I seem.

    Almost as if my anxiety is saying 'fuck you and your social problems, we're gonna make you look even more approachable!'

    But in the end it all works out because I seem too cool for school and I hear that's the key to getting biddies .
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    actually i didnt really read your post, nor was i commenting on it.

    i guess i subconsciously saw subway in yours & assumed it was the OP.

    if anything i am agreeing with you, i said that working in public doesn't cure anxiety.

    it might help a little, but it certainly isnt a cure all.

    :hello: you didnt read my post either, as it starts off with OP.
  16. The cure to social anxiety is to learn to not give a fuck. If even one fuck enters your brain, you're fucked.
  17. I've also found the working a customer service job has helped with my anxiety. I was a scared little virgin when I started working at the gas station two years ago. A year ago I lost my virginity to a pretty little mixed stoner chick I asked out across the counter.
  18. I find has alot to do with willpower
  19. [quote name='"GreenRangerFOH"']I find has alot to do with willpower[/quote]

    Yea that and repetition..the more you get out the easier it eventually becomes..the more you seclude yourself the harder it is
  20. For me it depends on the strain.

    If I smoke a head high strain no anxiety what so ever.

    Couch lock I'm a complete retard and can't carry on a convo.

    Sober very bad anxiety.

    Xanex can't remember enough to care.

    Weed has helped though so ima stick with it and fuck what the government says!

    Life , liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! Wtf happened to that?

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