Discussion in 'General' started by Blix, Apr 26, 2003.

  1. Got a new favorite Sobe flavor. Liz Blizz. Tastes like Pina
    Colada. My fave used to be Lizard Fuel. Strawberry - Banana
    flavored, that was.

    Anyway, all's cool.

  2. Hot damn! I love that stuff!!! I love Pina Coladas tho...not everyone likes the coconut.
  3. SoBe Dragon is my very favorite!!! I like Adrenaline Rush, too; mostly cause I really get a rush off of it.
  4. I'm definately gunna score some of that Lizz Bliz stuff next time im up at the store. I LOVE pina coladas, anyone ever have one of those pina colada slushies they used to sell at this store sonics. I wish they had those sonics in michigan, havent been to one since last time i visited relatives in texas.
  5. Ok i jsut walked up to the pharmacy to get caffiene pills, i see that sobe ... i buy it tuns out theres nonfat milk in it. FUCK... i cant drink milk, im gunna get all sick piece of shit...
  6. mmmmmm..... sobe.... lizard fuel is my fav. mmmmm
  7. all i gotta say is love bus brew. it tastes like choclate milk but a lot lot better
  8. SobE are rad, back before I could roll those were my pipe of choice, they get you STOOOooOoOooOOOONED!

    I wouldnt even drink the juice, just use that instead of water ;)

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