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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by unoit, Sep 15, 2003.

  1. HIGH All, sitting here crying "SOB...SOB" why you ask my friends. Look at my's empty!!!!! Shit I can't remember the last time I had an empty room. Had to shut it down while I was away...Rocdog is too busy to look after it so shutdown it was. No worries's in the works as I type.
  2. ooo that doesn't look good!

    good luck with your next grow, batch,crop or whatever it is u guys call it lol:D
  3. You need to fill it back up my friend... There are no excuses for that room to be empty.. LOL

    Good luck on the new start!
  4. That is a crime punishable by law...PUT YOUR HANDS ON THE CAR SIR lol.
  5. Just a blank canvas waiting to be turned into something special.:D

  6. AAAHHHHHH critters, you know me too well my friend!!!! Been drinking pussies all day and am pretty fucked...but guess what went on a run to my LHM's house and went shopping *LOL* fuck it was great.

    Take a look...pic's fucked hey so am I.

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  7. The babies faired well seeing as what kind of condition I'am in. I'll tell you all in the morning as to have I have...BUT....

    This baby is a creation of White Widow Crystal+ (WWC+) and our White Bud (WB).

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  8. Did l tell ya l got busted a few months back.They came knocking at the door asking about smells and marijuanna ??.That was 2.45 pm ,by 3.05 pm l had a empty room .lt took 3 days for them to come back .Fuck you should have seen how clean the house was .l gave them a mix and an a empty room ,lol,While having another room with all the clones and 2 plants in grow .Plus 50 ozs hiden in the compost.P.S. $300 fine.but next time jail.
  9. Yes I heard (read) what happened ....fuck what a laugh eh!!! Up here fuck'em if they'd ever bust me I'd be a thorn in their sides for years to come *LOL*. AAAHHHH it's good to have my room going again.
  10. Day 2 in my room... mmmm

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  11. My leggs wraped around those that I love

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  12. This baby.....we'll have to wait it's 40 something which means nada to me....*LOLI* my last post as to I'm pretty fucked, it's taken to long to type this and go back to find the misspelling....bear with me though these drunk times my friends....the head's spinning!!!!!

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  13. HIGH All, ok no problem lacrossestar...the plant above turned into a male.

    Here's how the plants are today...going to transplant them today into 20L (5gl) buckets with Sunshine Mix #4 for medium. Too old for Bubble Buckets...but hey...seeders are growing now and those will go into BB's

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  14. HIGH All, these plants WWC+ X WB are going to kick ass when 12/12 comes.
    The other plants I have...will have to wait till the light comes on to tell you as to what they are.

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  15. hey those look good unoit! i don't know much about growin bud, but i'm a gardener and those look happy and healthy to me!!!
  16. HIGH All, thank you you can see we take pride in what we do and if your a gardener...your 3/4 there my freind.
  17. Whats your setup and how many plants you usually running?
  18. Looking fine as always my man!

  19. HIGH All, I usally do Bubble Buckets....but what's my's Sunshine mix #4 and a 1000W HPS using Nurtilife's "A" "B" "C".

    Transplanted five days ago and put them on 12/12 today.

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