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Soarbar hash or not?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Dannyking300, Feb 23, 2017.

  1. Hi, im on vacation in portugal and i bought some good hash as soon as i came, then i travelled from lisboa to albufeira in the south, i got this hash and im not sure if its some soap bar shit it gets me high but the look of it is not very promising its darker on the outside and very light brown inside, and its pretty hard i mean you can crack pieces of it without heating but it doesent go "fluffy" even in my pocket on a hot day. Ill post a picture so tell me what you think? Im used to smoking green not hash so its hard to say

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  2. What's the question exactly? It's hash, it gets you high, isn't that what you want lol. Texture and different shades of color varies on the method they used to make it.
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  3. You're good Morrocco exports tons of hash like that. They're sold in "plaques" your hash looks like normal morroccan hash, it ain't ice hash or hash oil if that's what you're asking. I don't really get the question.
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  4. meh just look up how to purify your hash you can clean it and get rid of all the excess bullshit

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  5. Hah sorry maybe its a language barrier but i mean like how can you recognize if the hassh is so cut with some shit its not even healthy to smoke it?
    Because basically it gets me high and no weird side effects the smell is just weird and how hard it is.
  6. Hah now that i think of it i think i might of been paranoid yesterday due to being high
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  7. Your hash looks fine to me, it looks like Moroccan hash. They make it in a really unique way so it's pretty easy to spot. Smoke up man you could put it in a bowl, roll it in a blunt or joint, cook with it, it looks like normal hash from the area to me.

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