Soaking roaches in Alcohol?

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  1. So if i had a bunch of roaches and didn't want to smoke them could i get a hash like extract out of it with an alcohol soak?
  2. Sorry but no that wont work. If you did it would be really gross..
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  3. It would work but wouldn't be worth it.
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  4. Really why not? Has anyone attempted before, i guess i could believe it coming out very dirty but would it hurt to attempt?

    I am not in any desperate time, just thought id try it with hopes to yield something good.
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  5. I was eating dinner and almost vomited a bit when I read this . . . who knows though, try it out and report back with pics
  6. Haha lol, Yea roaches are dirty, that's why i wanna clean them up.
  7. Yeah man that would work. These people are retarded.

    Just take all the paper off, sprinkle the nasty ass resin-coated bud into a jar, put in only just enough ISO alcohol (I use 99.8%, the higher purity the better) to cover the roaches, shake em up for like, 15 seconds, strain the alcohol through a coffee filter onto a flat plate.
    Let that evaporate with a fan blowing gently over it over night (be patient), scrape it up with a razor and smoke it. It's called QWISO hash (Quick Wash ISO hash, it's a kind of hash oil) and yeah, it's not half bad, it'd be way nicer than smoking those roaches straight, that's for sure.

  8. Damn don't u think saying were retarded is goin a little far? Are you an expect on qwiso roach hash? lol

    Yes it will technically work... But since the weed has already been burned and new chemicals have been created.. Don't you think its a possibility it could extract unwanted chemicals? Just sayin.. Even if that isn't true, it going to tastes horrible. roaches taste bad on their own. imagine concentrating that taste.

    if you are not desperate and your hopes are to yield something good, I wouldn't do it..
  9. its goin to turn out shitty but if you got extra iso and alot of roaches i mean ALOT then go for it just dont expect to get anything to nice
  10. Roach weed is just resinated weed, and I always enjoy smoking it because I think the resin adds potency. There's no reason this won't work, unless you only have like three roaches.
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  11. I meant retarded in a loving way :p
    But nah, no expert...I just know that it works, and pretty well too.
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  12. use iso alcohol highest precent possible yes you can i would recommend using it for edibles tho
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  13. You're going to need ALOT of roaches to get any yield at all, collect them in a jar for like a year.

    Split them open first though.

  14. What you put in is what you get out in most cases dude! You use some nasty trim, shake, or bud then you will have NASTY concentrates. Roaches though....I cant even imagine how terrible that would be.
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    That's not qwiso man. That's dissolving res in iso. A quick wash on roach weed (wtf?) isn't going to have time to dissolve the res and get to the trichs. You'd have to rinse that shit for a few minutes.
  16. [quote name='"YoSmokinMan"']
    That's not qwiso man. That's dissolving res in iso. A quick wash on roach weed (wtf?) isn't going to have time to dissolve the res and get to the trichs. You'd have to rinse that shit for a few minutes.[/quote]

    Your wrong it is qwiso, its not all res its just weed coated in res and since res has thc in it and so does weed and thc is soluble in iso, then it would work, it also takes less than 30 seconds for thc to be extracted using iso so your wrong again
  17. How is it not qwiso :confused: you're getting hashoil as your final product from 'washing' in isopropyl alcohol to get oil..

    I've done it before.. it's better than smoking the roaches I think. It will look dirty. But it's smokeable
  18. Yeah it's definitely still QWISO dude. From roaches which are all resy it won't be very clean or necessarily very tasty, but because you're making the QWISO from weed that is coated in res, it's pretty kick-ass strong.
  19. IMO, if i was going to make etha/iso hash oil this would be my method (never tried mind you)

    -Go ahead and unrolled all of the roaches, or removed the paper somehow or another

    -Use some ice cold water in a jar or larger bottle and shake vigorously for a bit

    -Use a filter like cheese cloth preferably to squeeze out most of the water

    -then drop all the resin soaked plant matter in some 99.99% annhydrous iso-propyl alcohol (personal favorite if you can't get reagent quality ethanol, I think the best think to use would be an appropriate size mason jar or jars.

    -then lid up the jar(s) and let them heat up in a pot of hot water (not too hot!!! I'd say around ~90-100deg F) let them sit in there for about 40 minutes (protip put the jars in while the water is still heating up as not to force the glass to become temp shocked and maybe break =[ )

    -after that time take the water off heat and let everything cool down to room temperature. Then move the jars to the fridge until they get as cold as your fridge, then place the jars in the freezer for 12 hours or so (overnight is probably a good idea). This cooling procedure is important for 2 reasons, 1 to keep the jars rigid and not temperature shock them into pieces, and 2 to move into the next section of the extract process.

    -After sitting for 12 hours, reheat the jars like in the previous step however do not go through with the cooling process this time.

    -Open the mason jars and add 2 unbleached coffee filters or a 50micron stainless steel filter (SS filter much better by far trust me) and screw back on the outer part of the top of the mason jar.

    -Flip the jars over and use some sort of method to keep them flipped over while they slowly drain into another jar

    -After all the liquid seems to have filtered out of the jars, pour out all the nasty contents and cheesecloth the rest if you feel up to it and then discard it

    -Place the jar in the freezer (assuming its already at room temperature) for about another 12 hours.

    -Now after this freezing process add 2 unbleached coffee filters or my favorite a 50 micron SS filter to the mason jar using only the collar of the top. Filter it out into a pyrex dish of which you can place inside either another dish of some sort that can hold hot water or a pot (most kitchens seem to have both a 9-10in pot and 9in round pyrex pie dish which work pretty darn well)

    -Slowly add boiling hot water to the dish, pot, or pyrex the pyrex with the alcohol is sitting inside/ontop. Continue to add hot water slowly and periodically making sure the temperature doesnt rise too high (not over 130 deg F) until all the alcohol is purged

    -Scrape up and enjoy! I dont honestly think this would be good for smoking being from roaches and all, though there should be little any to flavor left. Ideally it could be used for making tinctures and edibles as it is still quite potent.

    Methodology explained:

    -The first ice-water wash should remove any remaining chlorophyll from the plant matter (if its bone dry to start maybe a coffee filter would be great to grind it up more but i imagine that shit is already sticky as hell and ground anyways)

    -The first alcohol extraction should remove as much of the of the active cannibinoids as is left and possible to remove. The initial heating process should help the solvent properties of the alcohol making it less selective as well as making the plant matter and resin warmer and easier to dissolve off their trichromes. While in the freezer the remaining trichromes should become very brittle and break off into the alcohol bath it is still in while doing an initial separation by mass. The reheating then should help dissolve whatever rest of the trichromes that have been knocked off during the freezing especially since they are now slightly isolated by mass. **note since these are roaches I'm going to assume they are already de-carbed.

    -Now the first filter process will remove all of the roach matter as well as give you a rough hash oil that has been NOT purged of alcohol. You could stop here if you wanted and skip to purging but I think another few steps are neccesary

    -Adding the oil suspended in the alcohol directly after being purged to another jar may not seem like it makes any sense at first however it is not for extraction of cannibinoids as the first extraction was, it is for the removal of remaining plant waxes and other gunk that got absorbed. Freezing the hash oil will should allow the trichromes to remain dissolved will precipitating out the waxes into a solid. This is why the second filtering process is done cold.

    -Once filtered twice the oil you should have resulted will be very potent, and pretty clean of all tar and gunk so you could go ahead and dab it or do whatever you like with your errlz. Personally I would rather use it for cooking or making some strong glycerin tincture as I dont know how well it would taste dabbing.

    Also note: I would probably wait until one had at least 1-2oz plant matter before making any of this worth the return.
  20. someone pretty legit told me this is the method of extracting hash oil from hash

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