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  1. what would happen if i planted 100 or so seeds in the wash behind my house.
    any tips on maintaining them if it works?
  2. Well, that's what you need to find out. What would happen? First off, right now is not a good time no matter what part of the country you live in, really. What is the soil like? Would there be 5 to six hours of direct light? Would there be any sort of security? Do you know how to grow herb? These are questions only you can answer my friend. The good news is that you're in the right place to learn whatever you need to know. Study hard, and good luck.
  3. YES..... What Dankohzee said above!!

    Hey - Eryk-The-Numb -

    Read, learn, grow, learn.... then share what you have learned with others!!

    I knew very little about growing MJ when I started out.... Now (many years later) the info I have learned over the years has made me a very successful grow girl. It is not that hard to grow MJ outdoors. Anyone can do it! (I do and I'm a 28 year old sexy girl.):eek:

    Kisses -

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