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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jcj77d, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. I've noticed that people come in here asking questions without researching it first, well i'm gonna try to make things easier for those who are new at growing or not very experenced at growing. I'll be here to try to answer those question asap. I'll be in & out this thread from 6 a.m. to 6-7 p.m. central time. I'm going to try to cover most of the basics, & some of the more advanced techniques needed for growing marijuana, from start (seed), to finish (curing). If anybody finds something wrong let me know so we can fix it, to make sure everybody gets the correct information. Theres alot of things needed to start growing, so this is the place to ask those questions, so go ahead and ask away. if i help you a + rep would be great, but not nessary, not sure how to +/- rep, ask. & if u think this thread has been helpful, please rate it.
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  2. Isn't that what the beginners forum is about. just hang around and answer questions like the rest of us.
  3. I like your idea. thanks man, upping your rep. I dont know what kinda questions I'll have for ya but I have a thread around here somewhere "confirm sex/flower thread"

    ill be checking this thread alot
  4. Beep! Beep! Beep! BEEEEEEEEEP!

    *Needle swings wildly to the right*

    Vanity thread detected!

    I agree HG.

    Ask questions in a new thread here in absolute beginners, and you'll get answers from a broad range of experienced growers, rather than one undocumented 'expert' who still asks plenty of basic questions of his own.

  5. your plant looks healty & green. so keep up what your doing. the ferts is hard to say usually 1tsp per gallon of water, start at 1/4 strenght every other watering for a wk or 2, & work your way up to full. how long has she been flowering.
  6. Yay, i got tons of questions...

    If i use Miracle-Grow Organic (w/perlite, worm castings, etc.) and Fox Farm Grow Big (NPK Formula: 6-4-4) Would that be too much nutes?
    And how often should i feed it with the Grow Big juice?
    Once i start the plants into their Flowering stage when should i begin harvesting (estimated weeks plz)?
    How often should i simply water the plant (without nute Grow Big juice)?
    BTW i live in Hot Dry Climate (Arizona-Texas region)
  7. i didnt say that others cant answer ?'s on my thread, & i never claimed to be an expert, though i have been growing on & off for 15yrs, the whole point in this thread is a place where people can get answers asap, & yes i do ask questions too, one can never stop learning, & i dont think there is anybody that knows everyhing about everything when it comes to growing . thats the point, i get to answer ?'s & possibly learn something at the same time, & if i cant answer a ? ill be honest, & try to lead them in the right direction. i dont beleive some of the people on here, all im trying to do is help & yall rip on me, & i thought pot smokers where laid back. if you dont want my help stay off my thread.
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  8. will overfeeding stop plants from growing.i planted 8 but gave 2 away which were stuck on a windowsill and just watered about twice a week.the 6 i kept have been fed and treated like babies,taking them out in the sun and bringing them in about 20 times a day when it starts raining,and the two forgotten plants are twice the size of mine and look healthier,bloody ironic really

  9. your soil mix is good ,you shouldnt need to feed them for at least 3-4wks from sprout, then you can use the grow big starting @ 1/4 strenght & work up to full strenght. mj plants are pretty good at letting you know when they need or if they need something, you shouldnt need to feed it to often, (over feeding, & over waterting are the biggest mistakes new growers make). its hard to say how long your flowering period will be w/o knowing the strain, but prob at least 8wks, but to really tell, you can harvest when 80-90% of the hairs have turned orange, but its better to go by the trichromes, you'll need at least a 30x magnifing glass or a microscope which you can get at radioshack. depending on the high your looking for, head high, body high, or a mix of both, then go by the trichromes. [​IMG]
    to know when to water, just poke your finger 2 inches into soil if its dry then water, to get a feel for it when you water pick up the pot to feel how it weights, then when you go to pick it up againg later & its light, you probally need to water, but usually you would water every 2-3days, & add 3% Hydrogen Peroxide @ 1-2 cap full per gal of water to add extra o2 to the roots & help prevent root rot from overwatering.

  10. overfeeding will not only stunt a plants growth it can kill it fast.
  11. Hey thanks. FYI i'm going to be growing Big Bud. Could i clone a few and let them Veg for a week then have them flower for 2 weeks and then harvest for small amount of Weed Or would that not give the plant enough time to produce THC?
    Or could i possibly do a 6/18 instead of a 12/12 for flowering to rush it a bit more?
    When i water should i mist as first with something like an old Windex bottle until it becomes stronger Or should i do that throughout the plants entire life or...?
    Whatever you suggest :D You've got the experience not me.
  12. ok big bud's flowering time is 8-9wks, but its still to go by the trichromes & the color change of hairs. yes u can clone, but it take @ least 7-10days for the clone to develope a deceint root structure, once u got good root development, transplant the clones, then let them veg for @ least 2wks, & letting them flower for 2wks wont give u much of anything, the buds will be undeveloped, u want to let them bud as long as possible. u can do a 6/18, or 8/16, or 10/14, to speed up the flowering, but i wouldnt do it until the last 2wks if absolutly nessary. yes u can mist your plants w/ water, or a diluted nute & water mix (foliar feeding), use seltzer water as your mist water, it has co2 in it. mist w/ lights off, so u dont hurt the bulbs, & its best to mist them in morning & night, & get both sides of leaves, & u can mist them throughout the whole grow.
  13. What's a good root stimulate (possible link)?
    Can i grow with two 40watt Floros? I understand that the yield will be less but will i still be able to grow with two-40watt floros?

    PS thanks for all your help. You're really helping me out,
  14. just do a google search on root stimulants, there are so many, look around to see what best fits your budget, & the rule of thumb is 100w of light per plant or a minimum of 5000 lumens, but you might get by w/ 2 40w flouro, but your plant wont be very big or healthy once it gets big.
  15. If correct lighting, nutes, and harvest time were applied, how much bud (in ounces) would 8 (female) Big Bud plants produce?
    When harvesting, should i leave it in a drafty place that is dry or immediately put it in an airtight jar (such as Tupperware or Mason jar)?
  16. what type of lights, watts, how long they gonna veg for, & when you harvest, 1st u must hang the buds in a dark, well ventilated place (putting a fan on them on low helps) to dry for about 10 days, or until the stem of the buds snaps or cracks when u bend it in half vs it just flexing over, it needs to snap like a toothpick, & then put them into glass jars.
  17. Hey jcj77d...great thread! I'ma noobie and still building my grow room. I'm still going between soil and hydro. Nothing complicated though. I don't want to be moving soil in and out of my apartment so I'm thinking a simple hydro grow:rolleyes:. I like the ebb & flow,and I've been looking into DWC and just yesterday ran across the "Hempy Bucket" method. I really like the simplicity of the "HEMPY" and the results look great.:hello:
    What kind of advice can you give me? I have the time to put into caring for my plants and look forward to doing that. I'm not afraid of experimenting or making mistakes. Money IS an object...but I look at it as a hobby and an investment so I'm not afraid to spend a few bucks here and there but I don't want to come back in a few months and start buying a bunch of stuff all over again.What are your thoughts about what I've asked so far?BTW...THANKS:confused:
  18. as far as hempy bucket ive never heard of, but from what i understant its just like a bubble bucket w/ no guts, just a bucket filled mix soiless medium & a res, & drain hole, i dont see any probs w/ it except wheres the water gonna drain to. the bubble buckets & dwc work great, & really not that hard to build. its a personial pref on what u wann use, they both seem to work good, but i have only used soil, so when it comes to hydro setups i dont know much. if you go here (my grow vid library), & watch hydroponic setup - mr. green, it should help w/ the ebb & flow, + flood & drain & drip systems

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