So you want to be an American?

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  1. im kinda confused as to the point of that article, why wouldnt we have an intense process to become a citizen? if we just let people in without thoroughly interviewing everybody, can you imagine the population blow up that would happen and the effect it would have on the economy? In theory it sounds good to just let everybody in but practically its not possible. thats not even mentioning the security threats that would be let in without this process(im not just talking about terrorists, i mean criminals, mentally unstable people, etc...)
  2. I think it's more about the bureaucratic process where papers can be lost for months to even years at a time. also, the cost may be another obstacle to hinder legal immigration causing the huge amounts of illegal immigrants along the mexican border.
    you have a valid point though, it does keep undesirables out, but it also keeps out poor people who can be innocently entrapped in this net to keep out bad people.
    The immigration issue is a very complicated one.. :smoking:
  3. ya for sure, there really is no way to please everybody. Its especially shitty for people that want to be in America legally, when they look over at their cousins who just jumped the fence and are now living the American Dream, while they are tied up in bullshit trying to do it the right way.

    EDIT: haha i just realized thats pretty much exactly what you said. meh, great minds think alike right?

  4. exactly bro, that's just what it comes down to. as the author said

    people are just that desperate to risk being illegal..the legal process is the legit way, but people just see what's right across the border and they can't help themselves i guess.
  5. Fucking Kansas...
  6. complications are formost here
  7. Shit, I've been going through this shit my whole life.

    My parents and I moved to South Africa as refugees about 15 years ago when I was a kid, and after 10 years here we decided to apply for permanent residence... They're not very happy about granting refugees permanent residence, so it took another 5 years to get that sorted out.

    I've got a EU passport and I'm going backpacking in Europe for a few months.. So, another 3 months of bullshit to get a stamp in my passport so they let me back into the country when I come back.

    I plan to move to America when I'm done with university, so there will be more bullshit in the future..

    I agree that immigration laws should be strict, but damn, when you're on this side of the law it sucks ass:(

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