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So you wanna read something crazy?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Sinister, Apr 14, 2003.

  1. well, firstoff let me remind you im stoned right now so if some shit doesnt make sense then ignore it.

    This is what weed has done to me.. I currently live in roanoke, va, and am stuck in a endless loop of failure here. I hate the place and have few people I like here anymore, besides my family, and I have more enemies than close friends.

    whenever I pull out my bong and smoke alone I get so many crazy thoughts and it feels like they are telling me to do shit. so while listening to a certain shade of green by Incubus, which is by no doubt a killer song, It even felt as if that song was telling me to get on with my life and do something already.

    so some friends ive known for over 3 years on a game online I play invited me to move in with them, get a bigger place, and the one guy offered me a job at his pizza place. Ok so I decided Im going to do it, no matter how crazy it feels and sounds, to me at least.

    So, who here is from Santa Cruz? I should be there within a week or two.
  2. hey well good luck! thats killer that you have the means and ways for what sounds like a good move :) dont forget about the friends you got in this city!
  3. damn thats pretty cool, hey i live in VA too, charlottesville
  4. Ya if your stuck in a rut, then move on wit ur life, even if it envolves some risks. Hopefully u have family u can rely on.
  5. Sinister, it sort of sounds like you are at a crossroad. Congratulations on making a decision and being proactive in making your life better, instead of complaning about it like so many people. I hope you like Cali, it's the most beautiful place in the world. There's lots of good bud up around Santa Cruz, so that should give you at least one thing to look forward to. If you can get to Humboldt, that's really the outdoor mecca of Cali, an amazing and wonderful place. Good luck my friend.

    Like EliToker said, its real cool hearing about someone DOING something about their life, instead of just complaining, and "waiting for something to happen". Way to go man, I hope your life turns out how you want it to. And may good Karma be with you every step of your journey.
  7. Wow thanks for the reponses, I appreciate them. The only thing holding me back from leaving right now is I gotta gather the money for the plane ticket, then im out of here. Ill let you know how it unfolds once I get there.
  8. i also live in VA.. Va Beach
  9. i did the same thing, i used to live in california so i decided to just leave with my friend after we saved up like 2000 dollars we drove there moved in took a week off working and just chilled and smoked all the time, now i love it
  10. ya i live like 20 mins from Santa Cruz, im in San Jose and when ever we want to go to the beach we jump in the car and get over to SC. The people there are the best. Always friendly and that place is the bay area capital of weed. you'll definetly love it here especially if you get here for summer because you'll love the coast weather.

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