So XBL now has a cute feature.

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  1. Dunno if this is how it works for everything.


    I went to Gamestop to buy UFC 2010 and apparently now to play online for games you have to buy a code for $5. Dude working there said this is how games are now, you pay $60 for the game and $5 to play online (ontop of what you pay monthly).

    Anybody hear anything about this?
  2. Really?? Just went out and bought the new Halo game the other week and didnt hear anything like this.
  3. Well when I got the new Madden when I started the game it said I needed a code, but it was printed on the booklet. But I bought that at Target. Maybe it's just something Gamestop is doing:confused:
  4. That didn't happen when I bought Halo Reach.. Maybe it's not a international thing? Regardless, that'd be pretty dumb.
  5. I hear some game companies are looking into things like this. They say its mostly because they lose so much money from people buying used games so they can at least make up a little bit this way, but they do it because they saw people shelling out millions of dollars for map packs in other games and realized enough people will pay for anything to make it worth a try.
  6. They say MW2 might jump on that bandwagon
  7. So far I think it's only EA that's doing this. On the ps3 side too this isn't just xbox. You only have to pay if you get the game used. The code comes with new purchases
  8. Ah that makes sense. I thought it might've been something like that. Still bullshit:rolleyes:
  9. Fuckin pricks. Devs hate resellers with a passion so i can't say I'm surprised, still a shitty move. Bastards.

  10. thisthisthis
  11. yup, knew about this months ago. Its not for all games though ( right now ) they are thinking of implementing it in all games.
  12. i heard that you can only play online with new games..with used games you have to buy some sort of code.
  13. Yeah, they did it for Madden which is huge bullshit.

    Already being robbed by paying $60 to get a game that probably costs less than half to make.

    Still though... XBox>PS3

    ...let the flaming begin.
  14. Well shit to play WoW you have to pay $90 + $15 a month. :eek:

  15. Dunno man, I'm pretty sure games cost a shitload to make.

    How do you get to pay $90? That's insane:eek: most I spent on the game besides monthly fee was a fac change.
  16. a lot of games (new) come with the code on the booklet, so buying them used has started a problem because you cant play them online unless you pay

  17. What makes you think it costs a shitload?

    Cheap plastic cases, cheap pamphlets, and a dvd make for cheap costs of production. The publisher sells the game for like $40, then both parties make a buck by having the $60 mark.
  18. lol, what a about all the teams and game designers investing their time into developing the game? Its not just a blank dvd with a picture book.

  19. Well, take Gran Turismo 5 for example, it took One Million Dollars to make.

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