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So who's high on this fine Saturday?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by MrNegativity, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. I'm quite baked, I just bought a 20 sac and a dimebag, good times mang
  2. well im not high now but im about to be, waitin for my girl to take a shower so we can drive to a movie and smoke some killer purple nugs on the way! this saturday is awesome! happy tokin mate
  3. Dude i was fucked man i was high i bought a new toy and broke that sucker in i also found out that every dealer in town was getting busted so i pocked some of my cronic and ill save it for another day smoke on
  4. im bout to get nice and tokereddd.


    but nothings as good as a nice wake and bake sunday morning :D
  5. ..im fucking high


    time for foood and sleep
  6. Man, I keep forgetting it's saturday night. You see, I'm working right now, Sunday morning :). I abstained from smoking for 24 hours, because tomorrow I'm cooking an eighth of some midgrade weed to eat. I wanted to try n get my tolerance down, even if it was just one day. Hope everyone had a great saturday night.
  7. I was offically HAAMF tonight! IN fact, I think I was a little too much so. Oh well, I still feel good! :D
  8. Yeah, I am fucked up!

    Anyway the city is great and I wish everyone would now have a nice stoned sleep... Trust me you'll love it... Anyway everyone here have a time and learn from you mistakes....

    Goodnight Moon! ( yar iam a nerd)
  9. I was baked all yesterday and wake and baked this morning..

    So I guess you could say I was high!!!!!!!

  10. It's sunday morning and I already have a bowl under my belt. Ah, I love wake n bakes. 'Specially on Sundays..

    Yesterday, I was stoned from the second I woke up to the second I fell asleep. Hell yeah. Time to get on my 2nd bowl, peace.

  11. I got up about 15 minutes ago, toked the bong, and got on grasscity Happy Sunday!!:D
  12. last night i was tired of smoking this schwag that i've been getting lately, so i drove to the other side of town just to get some bomb shit. while we were there we picked up some shrooms, too. man, last night (saturday) was crazy. i loved it. shrooms are pretty bad ass. i had planned on waking and baking this morning (sunday morning) but i think i'm a little burnt out on it after last night. i couldn't get out of my seat, it's like somebody turned the gravity up. like being stoned for the first time all over again :p and the shrooms were makin me feel pretty 'groovy'.

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