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so who thinks i ll pass a piss test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mercinariesgtr, May 3, 2011.

  1. I didnt wanna make another thread but i realized that no one had been posting in the other one that was already made, sorry bout this blades i just kinda need a fellow members input.

    weight:168 as of last night on medical scale in gym
    heigh:6 1
    build:not jacked but deff buff, i row a sub 7 minute 2000 meter and have a 6 pack.
    physical activity:lift everyother day prob 1.5 hour routine and cardio on non lift days, typically consists of a 2k (row) and riding a bike for 10 minutes. I have been hittin the sauna everyday since quitting blazing aswell.
    Smoking frequency:heres the douzy, i smoked everyday since 12 24 08 but since january have just been blazing once before i go to bed. Im currently 9 days clean. i drink lots and lots of water.
    alcohol consumption:not sure if this matters but i do drink a lot on weekends and have been having a beer/glass of wine or two before bed so i fall asleep. I mention this because i have a theory that alcohol will help. my rationalizing is that thc is also soluble in alcohol therefore if you drink your bac will help dissolve it out of your body better than your blood normally would.

    my test is when i say it is but i need to call up and make an appointment for the job and they will test me whenever my appointment is. i was thinking of doing it next week sometime , probably thursday or friday. thanks blades

    edit::: on a side not i know at least 4 people on my floor that do not smoke at all, think i should have em piss in a ziplock and wear underarmour breifs to the test?
  2. This is what you do. Since your all ready athletic you need to do some extreme work outs. You got to make your self sweat. Your mostly muscle so the thc wont stay in your system for very long. Just work out from now tell then. and the day of the test drink about three gallons of water. It will dilute the test and you will pass.
  3. ^^does sauna really work? im gettin some new ink added on thursday so i cant really sauna from then on ( supposed to wait two weeks) but i figure i can supplement that with more cardio. for reference when i hop on an exercise bike i crank the resistance and hold my heart rate around 170 bpm and for anyone who hasnt been on a erg ( rowing machine) shit makes it look like you stepped into a shower.
  4. sounds like your a chronic user op itll probably take your system 30 days to get fully cleaned, but working out and detoxifiying your system will definately help
  5. nOpe. you had too much dOpe oO
  6. Yep your gonna fail. Next time study more.
  7. not what i wanted to hear....anyhope guys
  8. youre gonna need fake piss and a way to keep it warm (ew)
  9. easy.... ya got those four people clean. get about 6-10 fluid oz of piss (probably won't need that much)and put it in a eye drop container. tuck that container under your sack and for a lil while before the test to keep it body temp and once you get there piss in the toilet so they hear it and squirt the piss in the test container. btw make sure the piss is fresh like day of. otherwise bacterial will form and you'll fail. but no don't use your piss for the test

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