So, who here is on probation?

Discussion in 'General' started by brett119, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Got busted wayyy back in october with some hash n bud and now just got on a probation program where the charge will be dropped if I complete it. Gotta do 25 hrs community service (I can pick what I want, just has to be non profit) and piss in a cup every once in a while and pay the fines off.

    I signed the ARD (accelerated rehab disposition) papers today with a probation officer today and he went over the rules with me and told me who my po was, but didn't meet him. He said he would contact me sometime. I hope he never does. I hope he's not a dick. THe po I talked to today when I signed the papers was really chill.

    I got busted by a cop on the street. I had like 2g of my homegrown and a G iso I made. THat was one of those times I wish I had mids on me. If I did I would still be toking.
  2. this man right here on probation too got caught with some weed

    it sucks not smoking !
  3. Probation sucks ass. I've got a month to go.
  4. i have a two year probation for a misdemanor but its not that bad nobody checks on me i just gotta stay outta trouble for two years
  5. I was on two different times for the same charge when I was 14 and when I was 16. the first time I smoked the whole time and passed all my tests, but I got a different testing place the second time and had to quit for 6 months. it sucked, never will I get caught again.
  6. 1 year probation started in march. going to court in May for another weed possession charge. fuck the police
  7. [quote name='"Lazy Sunday"']1 year probation started in march. going to court in May for another weed possession charge. fuck the police[/quote]

    I agree, nice avatar titties :cool:
  8. Drug court........5 years, almost done. Don't Fuck up regular probation or you will probably get it. ITS HELL!
  9. i'm on 6 year probation...cut in half to 3 years if i'm good...1 month on one month off...1 year supervised, 2 unsupervised...been on for almost 4 months now, not been drug tested once...december cant come soon enough. i go see my PO today as a matter of fact. and i smoked on march 8th and 9th. hope i'm good lol
  10. Random use only stays in 2-4 days. Ive tested it.
  11. hope so. it was maybe 2 bowls total, 1 each night on the 8th and 9th of march. before that i hadnt smoked since the day mw3 got released lol like november something. thinki'll be good but we'll see. hopefully he gives me another month lol
  12. You got nothing to wory about, last time I smoked like 4-5 pulls of a blunt an passed in 4 days. Does nc have drug court probation because my state is 5 year Max on probation unless its federal cause they can give you life probation.
  13. i'm not sure they might, but my "main" charge wasn't weed related, i got charged with 1 felony and 2 misdemeanors, one of them being possession of paraphernalia

    but i also got arrested for misdemeanor possession back in 09 and misdemeanor paraphernalia back in 07 (was a minor for that one)

    but like i said, i havent been DT'd yet, 4th month going on, and 2 states both arkansas and north carolina.
  14. 3 years informal probation. I think I have 1.5 years left.
  15. Here they would of gave you like a 180 day sentence, that's not a bad gig though, I got 7 third degree cds charges and it was this or 4yrs. The east coast is awful.

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