so while i was blasted..

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  1. today i passed by my job to pick up my paycheck. i work at Tony Roma's as a server. I walk inside the restaurant but right before i go to work, i hot boxed some kush. so i walk in the restaurant blasted outta of my mind, and the first thing i see if this new host that i usually talk to during my shifts. she was looking extremely cute today, so i decided in my head and was like fuck it and asked her "so when you gonna let me beat" she smiled and just looked away. at first i thought she was just ignoring me so i walked to the back to get my paycheck from the bossman. as i walk to the front, she stops me and hands me a slip. on this little paper, is her phone number. i text her like an hour after askin what time she got off work. she asked me to pick her up around 12. i go by the job, and she hops in my car. we smoke a blunt, then randomly fuck, and then smoke another blunt then i took her home. good times.
  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaand BAM! Herpes.

    Na, I'm just jealous.
  3. Well, your names DirtyPete so I'm assuming you're jealous of the herpes
  4. Oh Yeah! That's how I would want it to happen when I become a server.
  5. Hell yeah, man!
  6. FREE HERPES?1!! Cant beat that shit bro just cant.... stay up
  7. if a girl fucks you after you say "when you gonna let me beat" to her then i'm not jealous lol
  8. Pics or gtfo :bongin:
  9. I wish that worked for all girls hhaha :wave:
  10. yet another reason i need to get a fucking job
  11. Nice. Nice. Niiiiice.

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