So... whats your SEXuality???

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by smokin&tokin, May 2, 2003.


Whats your SEXuality?

  1. Gay

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  2. Lesbien

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  3. Bi-Sexual

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  4. Heterosexual

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  5. Tri-Sexual....(Sid)

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  1. So whats everyones SEXuality??
  2. to qoute half baked \" I love ya mary jane, but not as much as i love pussy!\"

    random qoute should explain....;)
  3. That\'s one of the best lines in the entire movie. I am 100% hetero.
  4. I voted bisexual, not because I\'ve had sex with both men and women but because I don\'t know if I ever would, I\'ve never been attracted to another guy.
  5. I\'m straight, but curious.

  6. If a guy came on to me I don\'t know if I\'d say no, the thrill of sex might seem better than sticking to any \'lifestyle\'. It\'d probably be in some sort of extraneous circumstances but it might happen some time.

  7. I hear that!
    I voted, but when I talk about it I always say im gay. the word lesbian erks me.
  8. I\'m as straight as they come!!!

    I do like threesomes and foursomes with the opposite sex though!
  9. Dido\'s hot.
  10. I voted. I dig everybody! ;)
  11. i am a heterosexual, but i am pretty curious, i dunno... i have made out with other girls before and that kinda turns me on, but i wouldnt want to persue a relationship with a girl, but i would NOT mind having a 3 sum with another girl, or hell, with 2 girls! shit....... i am just OPEN MINDED! YAY!
  12. I voted bi-sexual even though I have never done anything more with a girl then kiss. But I know if I met someone-a girl and I was attracted to her and our personalities were a match and she wanted to get it on with me I would so go for it. I have fantasized about being with a woman since I was like 17. And lately I\'ve really had the huge urge to hook up with girl or maybe a threesome. Just not sure how to find a woman like that. I think that might be a gay bar in this town but I\'m not sure if its still there but if it is I\'d like to go. But I like guys alot too of course. I really like tits! oh I\'m being nasty!

  13. actually I was reffering to your post, you sed \"dido\" instead of \'ditto\', I thought it was funny

    I have nothing to prove regarding my sexuality, if I came across a guy that I was sexually attracted I\'d be all over his man luv, just hasn\'t happened so far.

  14. no affence, but that kinda creeps me out, i am not really into the whole 2 guys together kinda stuff... but i think it is very brave of you to admit to your sexuality! thats what this thread is for!

  15. fucking ROCK, dude! :D I mean it. I respect you for being honest. :)
  16. Yeah, I agree.
  17. ~id like to add if any girl is thinking about it, STOP thinking and just DO it! :p
  18. Okay tonight I\'m going out with a friend who is a girl and we are just friends-I\'ve known her since I was like 13. Anyway we are going to some gay club/bars that are around. I\'ve never been to one but there is one in Ames and 5 in Des moines so maybe I\'ll get lucky. I am excited!!!My friend is bi-I think she\'s been with 4 women so we are gonna go on a \"girl hunt\". I\'ll let you know what happens. Wish me luck. Thanks Sensi and S&T for you great advise! You guys rule!
  19. I\'m heterosexual. I just really don\'t like the idea of being with another guy. Thankfully, I\'ve never been attracted to one. In the kind of rural area I\'m in though, all that sort of stuff is kept well under wraps.

  20. allright girl!! you go! I hope you have ~~~~FUN~~~!!!!!! ;) I want details!!!!!

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