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so whats with saving roaches?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dazed666, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. i just notived a few people mentioning how they save roaches and how they smoked a 1 oz roach joint...WTF?

    since when do we save roaches?
    is this one of those american things?

    any help would be appreciated.
  2. well when you smoke a joint all the resin collects in the roach which makes it more potent :smoking:
  3. What do you mean "American Things"???
  4. american thing? are'nt roaches created everywhere? thats why they have a name.
  5. the man said it all, plus what do you do with your roaches? toss em? notttt me
  6. Yeah I dont save em but my buddy at work does, they come in handy. Like today one guy we were working with was getting all tender because someone left a ketchup packet in his already dirty truck. So we left him and went on our own to smoke some buds and come to find out I left my bud at home. Those roaches came in handy I tells ya!:smoking:
  7. Whats there to explain dazed? Roaches are potent weed..... its like resin out of your pipe only in a better form.... sticky bud :)
  8. Well, roaches are un-smoked weed.

    So, what do we do with un-smoked weed? We smoke it!

    It helps a lot when your sack runs out, and no one answers their phone, and you just want to relax.
  9. when I'm done with smokin a couple joint I throw the roaches in a bowl
  10. I love to pick out a saved roach when I cant find any dro.
  11. perfect sesh:

    smoke the joint and then throw the roach in the bong and get a nice roach rip
  12. dude that rat is fucking blazed hes a little grin hahahaha rep+
  13. I'm an American and I personally trash mine. I've never heard of anyone saving their roaches.
  14. If I'm driving down the road I'll flick it because risking a trip to jail over a trivial amount of bud and stanky bit of paper isn't worth it. If I'm at home I'll save 'em for when the dry times hit. All my buddies will be out of bud but I'll have an Altoids can full of resin-cured bud to rip out the bong.
  15. he might be thinking of paper roaches. some of my friends put them in. they might do that where hes at. i toss mine too. a joint of roaches? that shit would be nasty.

  16. Nasty but you'd be hella baked.

  17. I just came into contact with some smokers here on the west side, turns out they save all there blunt roaches just to roll another blunt, that would be a generation blunt. they just managed(and i was lucky enough to be one of the heads) to roll a second generation blunt, that blunt was made purely of blunt roaches from 1st generation.
    It was a hefty smoke for sure but who else can say theyve smoked a 2nd generation?


    pssss 3rd generation by the end of summer, this ones going to be a little harder.
  18. people have been doing this for years with resin.
  19. ive smoked a 7th generation roach took a while to perpetuate the generations...burned for a long time but didnt seem any more potent than the previous generations...fucker did burn for a while.there was no need to try to make the 8th generation,freakin futile
  20. Damn. That's insane.

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