So whats up with Bigfoot

Discussion in 'General' started by Yung Bizzy, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. Do you guys believe they really caught him, or no.
  2. yeah I also have a bigfoot of my own. I got him at petco:D
  3. One photo in circulation?

    I call bullshit, if this was legit they would have high quality pictures and videos and all the good shit, not just one fuzzy picture of a large monkey-like corpse in a freezer full of water.

  4. lol +rep
  5. its probably fake. but i really hope its real.
  6. Do you believe in the Tooth Fairy?
  7. ive read its a hoax, I believe it's a hoax. Here's the newest article where they still defened themselves:

    As for bigfoot... I don't know if there is a 'bigfoot' out there. But I bet there's still a few animals we haven't come in contact with yet.
  8. How else would a quarter magically replace my tooth?

    You're a fool!

  9. possum dna

    but what about the chupacabra? what happened to that?
  10. bigfoot!? lol
  11. ¿El chupacabra? ¡El chupacabra existe! Todos los noches el chupacabra come mis cabras. Cuando veo el chupacabra quiero matar el.

    Pero, si queies a saber si el chupcabra existe, el existe.

    ¡Vive el chupacabra!

    ....Yeah, I know my grammar is really bad and I don't use accents, i only took like 3 years of spanish in high school and didnt do anything for the last semester of spanish 3 class because I hated it and I wanted to drop it but the dick didn't let me, so I said fuck it. I didn't need to pass it anyways.

    but yeah....I dunno what the whole point of this post was because I am so fucked up right now, so excuse me.
  12. lol, dude it looks soo fake!!
  13. This seems like it can go either way.
  14. ok thing is the dude is in the south where they get stupid ideas.
    next is the fact that in the Field and Stream magazine they had a contest running to get a shot of bigfoot on trail cams. so they took it one step further and said they killed the lonely bastard ape.

    bigfoot wont get caught. he, elvis, kennedy, tupac, biggy, marilyn monroe, and company are all living in a cave with bin laden. they just wont be found.
  15. Lol I doubt the whole thing. Most of those ppl that say they saw "it" are just looking for attention.
  16. could someone explain this dna evidence that came out today that showed this thing was a possom or some shit
  17. Uh... no.

    "The "Georgia Bigfoot Body" story is a hoax, started by two fellows in Georgia. The "body" is a widely available
    Halloween costume stuffed into a large cooler, with some animal entrails laid on top. This ongoing hoax is now being orchestrated by a notorious con-man named Carmine Thomas Biscardi."
  18. It looks just like the big foot in the video from 1960's, just older. Like I said it could go either way, It does resemble that costume but you never know tell the actual news covers it agian, and it is coming.

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