So what the hell should i do...?!

Discussion in 'General' started by adamBC, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Ugh im totally bored! what did i ever do with my days?

    im not working at the moment, and i really just have nothing to do at all. Ive spent the last two days milling around my house, jamming on the guitar, and surfing the internet.

    i really need to start making some more friends again haha. Wonder what all my old highschool buddies are up to?

    Anyone got any ideas on some shit i can do to entertain myself?
  2. friends are key man. friends kick ass. you can always masturbate (as opposed to getting laid)
  3. haha yea man i dont know what happened to them? just lost touch i guess.

    ive got one buddy who lives with me... haha gets on my nerves but we've been buds since the first grade so what are you gonna do?

    other best friend has been in south america since september.

    amp broke so until that fixed i cant jam with my band, and really, i dont hang out with those guys EVER outside of that... strange?

    and my other buddies i always had... ive just lost interest in them.

    gotta get out of this town soon i guess, ive been living in this area since the day i was born.

    i think im going down to cali to hang out with my bro (hes a marine) sometime this april, that should be a little boost.
  4. Ill come hang out with u when I'm up there hopefully late April to mid June!

  5. i cant just sit around with movies all day, then id by my mom haha.

    well right now, ive found an old book about subliminal advertising that i just read for about an hour or so, ill go tackle that guy again in a minute.
  6. yo, if/when you come to cali youre never gonna want to leave....well, depending on what part of Cali you visit hahahaha

  7. hahah we'll see, i love it up here :D

    san diego is where im going.
  8. Mountain bike? If I lived in BC I would be on my hardtailed steed ever day...

    I can't wait to visit Vancouver again...
  9. video games are a great time killer, and those damn massivley multiplayer ones like everquest dark age of camelot and world of warcraft will suck you into them for hours

  10. good idea, though first id need a decent bike, and a car (or bus) to get anywhere interesting to bike.

    didnt find any friends, but i bought season three of Futurama a minute ago, thatll keep me busy for a little bit.
  11. Go to the gym, play some sports (usually need friends for this though) or pick up a hobby like woodworking (lots of fun but expensive to get started).
  12. Order a shroom syringe off the net- they are around 30 bucks... and find the shroom growing guide in the shroom section of Grass City. Grow a bunch and have fun! You can multiply what you paid for it with profits... if you want to.
  13. hahah fuck, im just a bum with no drive to do anything at the moment i guess, i keep comming up with real lame excuses.

    was about to go for a bike ride, but its too cold out. haha this one isnt actually toooo lame, as i normally bike a ton in the summer, but i like to with no shirt, just my swimshorts and some sandals, and ill get down to the beach, swim a bit, then bike home, usually takes about an hour and a half, ill start doing that in a few weeks.

    i hate the gym. always feel pressured there. got into using the universal gym for a bit, but it broke, and i ended up giving it away on garbage day last year. ive got some free wieghts... but fuck... haha, im not really a workout type guy, more just some sit ups and push ups before bed.

    id love to start woodworking :D
  14. I always write when i'm bored. Just write. About what? nothing, drivel, whatever is currently occupying my mind.

    I've always had a knack for that though.

  15. haha, maybe i should listen to you. ive always wanted to write a TV Pilot or a screen play :D one of my lifelong goals.

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